School has begun

First Week of School (for Shin)

Today is friday and the first week of school is now complete.
Looking back, I do not recall anything that was extraordinary. However, I do remember things, and I do not know why. I will attempt to define them.

* Definition of all Bold words are on the bottom

img_0772.jpgAt School
Most of my time at school was spent on trying to figure out my Horario. I have two Horarios. One for Marangatu and the other for Cerritos. Luckily for me, my Horario for Marangatu was inactive for the first week because there were many conflicts. Today I received a call from Christian from Marangatu, just before I had to go to my class at Cerritos, asking me to honor the Marangatu Horario. I was Confunsando because I thought I wasn’t supposed to go to Marangatu for the fist week.

The Horarios tend to change alot. At one time, they changed during mid-day, causing me Confunsando, and I had to rush back to school to teach unprepared. Nonetheless, my Confunsando is not even comparable to what the principals have to go through. They have to deal with Everyone’s Horarios at the same time. The principals tell me that it will settle down more the next week. I am Esperando that it does. I’m looking forward to next week’s adventure.

I would like to thank the principals for doing such a great job with battling with the Horarios for our sake. They have to deal with the Horarios + all the other work they have to do.

img_0769.jpgAfter school – At Home
At home we dealt with a broken Tanque & Cuchon Bichos. Ever since we arrived, we had problems with Bichos. We would get bitten all the time. We were told that it was normal so we endured it. At some point I had more than 20 bites just on the legs. One day, the missionary and his wife saw it and said that it was not normal to be bitten that much. After talking it through we decided that the Bichos were from the Cuchon. We quickly gave the measurements of our Cuchon to the maintainence man so we can get a new one. We are Esperando.

At about the same time we discovered our Cuchon Bicho problem, our Tanque started to leak. The maintainence man came to fix the Tanque only to find out that the problem was bigger than he thought. It turns out that the Tanque has to be replaced completely. The Tanque is fairly huge, and it requires two people to carry it with some difficulty. It hangs on the wall above our heads. Two of them worked extremely hard to get that down. Lucky for us it is hot here and we do not need the Tanque yet while we are Esperando.

I would like to thank the maintaince people for doing all this hard work. They are in charge of keeping the whole campus, that includes all the school facility + homes ( like ours ) in a clean & working condition.

We start official teaching/assisting at Escuela School this Sunday. We are Esperando.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Bicho: N: (bee-sho)
1) Undetectable & invisible creatures that leave puffy red marks on skin after feeding. 2) Prohibits sleep and peace. It can also be used as a form of torture. It can cause mild paranoia, and even insanity for the weak-minded. It is not the bichos themselves that cause insanity, but the residual effect of their feeding.

Bold: Adj: (bowl-d)
I know you know the meaning of this, but it was in bold, so I must define it. Thick letters.

Confunsando: Adj: (con-foon-san-doe)
1) A word Shin uses to express his state of not knowing what is going on. 2) It does not exist in spanish, the correct word is Confundido.

Cuchon: N: (kku-chone)
1) Where the ecosystem of bichos thrive 2) A soft plushy object humans usually sleep on. 3) Bad sleep. 4) Spanish word for mattress.

Esperando: Adv: (es-peh-ran-doe) – 1) Spanish word for waiting 2) Spanish word for hoping.

Horario: N: (oh-ra-rio)
1) Often termed, “the monster” or “the beast” 2) Something that changes often due to conflicts with others of its own kind. 3) There could be one or more horarios per teacher at a school. It is the source of their conflict and confusando with each other, the principals and schools. 4) Principals manage the horarios, but many will agree they are a slave to the horario. 4) Spanish word for schedule.

Tanque: N: (ttan-que)
1) Where our hot water was boiled and kept for our hygiene needs. 2) Spanish word for tank.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Please be sure to check out the videos of the school. They are also available in the Video Page.

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3 thoughts on “School has begun

  1. Steve Morrison

    Shin, Annie,

    What a contrast from what I have imagined your life to be. I thought you were in a remote Indian village in a deep jungle, living in a hut, with limited resources, teaching and serving Paraguay Indians. But the pictures seem to show the place is pretty modernized and clean. But I’m sure there are many things you would like to have but lack. Please stay healthy. It sounds pretty exciting to be there.

  2. Nasim

    Hey shin you forgot to mention me calling you guys at 1:30 am…and the pastor probibly was disturb…- – hope he isnt that mad that i bothered. I hope you guys are getting rid of those bugs..and annie: i think it’s beter if you guys had a map…but then again…have fun! SEE ya guys! I

  3. Ceana

    No me digas! Tu hablas espanol! Soy am learning espanol tambien en el colegio de los angeles. Es muy dificil porque mi profesora no habla ingles….yea, and thats all the spanish I can pump out of my brain. Wow, you guys started this week as a new semester too! So did the LAUSD kids in our Youth. Tomorrow I plan on doing something special for the youth. Since this week is Valentines Day, I decided to get candy and valentines cards. Boys will get green numbers and girls orange numbers on their candies as they enter the room. It is their job to find their numbers which will be placed Green, orange, green, orange, meaning girl, boy, girl, boy. It will be fun to watch the girls and boys integrate in this way, haha. Oh yea and I got your emails, but have been busy so I couldnt reply, ah! Sorry, lo ciento. Shin I will check up soon and Annie, thank you sooooo much for your words of encouragement and knowledge, haha. I have started reading a devotional and pray that I will carry on and share with the youth too. Oh and I am using your mission pics as our front cover picture for the jubo, they cange every week, I want to use the one above this week. Hehe, God Bless you SHin adn Annie!

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