Outing at Mariscal Lopez

Maru, Shin, and I went to Mariscal Lopez Shopping Center in Asuncion one afternoon. This is one of the local hangouts with one of the few movie theaters. They were having a farmer’s market that day in the underground parking lot. Vegetables, herbs, juice, barbeque… lots. The store is called AgroShopping which we had to point out to Chuck! Very neat campaigning. They had other fruits with different color panels. Great, bold, design. 

AgroShopping basket

Annie with Maru, our tutor

The eggplants were so healthy and beautiful!

Here’s the inside of the mall

Below was a strange virtual installation called “Vid@Virtual,” where a girl lives in the box for a month and doesn’t leave. She only communicates by email with strangers. People submit their love stories to her via email and she will pick a couple to get married in the mall. Strange.

The city is nice but Villa Elisa always feels best because its so natural, quiet and the air is very clean.

One thought on “Outing at Mariscal Lopez

  1. mom

    You’re look great Annie and Shin.
    market is great too. clean and big!
    I hope you enjoy a lot in there.
    Thanks for everything God take care of you.
    We’re praying for you !
    See you! I love you !………mom.

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