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Nenes and Nenas = Little Boys & Little GirlsShin and my schedule were completely opposite today. I was at Cerritos to teach kindergarten and preschool, while Shin was at Marangatu to teach computers to 1st grade & preschool. He’s currently telling me, as I type, how he heard the word, “Profe!! Profe!! Porque..?” and “noooo” all day from them because of a multitude of technical problems.

In his preschool class he had 32 students and only 12 working computers out of 20. He says he taught them how to use a mouse and they would accidentally shut off their computers. They would be impatient for their computers, which would take 2 minutes to restart. So they would ask him questions and Shin would tell them, “Espera! Espera!” (wait, wait). Others would grab his hands and asking permission to drink water and use the bathroom.

I attended two culto’s for the older grades and then I taught preschool and jardin. They were especially rowdy today! We’re learning the parts of school: “Playground, Teacher, Boy, Girl, School” but after 2 days of that it was hard to keep them interested. Besides, the tape deck on the boombox wasn’t working! Luckily, the teacher had a revised cd version. It didn’t have all the songs I needed but atleast it provided cheerful background noise to introduce circles.

Kids at this age are so funny. They’re either everywhere or asleep, but once you start singing, they’re like little robots. They start shouting, and bobbing their heads and become really happy! I asked, “Can you draw a circle?” and a boy raised his hand quickly and drew an invisible circle on the wall. Then an ingenius idea hit me.

I was struggling to get their attention, so I asked the teacher for a box of chalk. I handed one to about 6 students at a time in multiple colours and asked them to draw one circle on the chalkboard and then sit down. They were really interested and a little competitive! One kid started drawing crosshairs inside the circles, which I had to stop, while at the same time I had to confiscate a sponge from another little hand that was erasing everything.

When it was all done though, it was a beautiful piece of art with all these organic, noncircular shapes with free lines, and overlapping colors. Just for fun I was pointing at random circles and asking, “Who drew this one?! How beautiful!” and a kid would raise his hand somewhere. The profesora and I gave each other a silly smile because it was comical to see their responses.

I also began working on an activity idea for tommorow to help reinforce the word, “playground.” The unit comes with a poster of a cartoon playground, but it looks quite different then the actual one, because the poster shows a sand box and doesn’t have any monkey bars. So I created my own craft which will look like this.

Comprehensive sketch:


Student work: 

The craft actually bears a likeness to the actual playground:

I can’t believe I can enjoy creativity all day long, for teaching materials, for interior design, for banners, birthday cards, youth fliers….it’s the best. I’m thankful to God that my work here has been joyful and motivated.

At the end of class:

Its funny, the word “English” is spelled wrong 

One thought on “Nenes, Nenas & Inspiration

  1. hannah ,엄마.

    네 글 잘 읽었다.
    진짜 너는 하나님이 주신 은사(gifted talent)가
    너무 큰것 같애.너무 너무 감사한 일이야.
    엄마는 벌써부터 알고 있었지만 그렇게 꼭 필요한 곳에서
    그렇게 잘 쓸 수있도록 준비 시키신 하나님께 감사와 영광을 !!!!

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