Concluding the Second Week

So now that the second week of school has gone by, I still have some ways to go before I can catch the rhythm of this lifestyle.

If you are not familiar with some of the words, you can find the definitions in the index on my previous post.

Here is the progress of last week’s open events. The brand new tanque has been installed. We now get hot water.  We are not sure as to how long this is going to last, but we hope it will be for the rest of the year. The cuchon also has been replaced.  When it came it was about 4 inches wider than our bed frame. We contemplated if we should get it fixed, but then I squeezed it in and it went in so we will be keeping it. As for the horario, It is still up in the air and I am hoping that the next week’s horario will be good and there will be no more schedule conflicts. Please pray for my school schedule.

Escuela Dominical (Sunday School) was good. I am the assistant for Pastor Christian.  He is the director of the whole Escuela Dominical as well as the children’s pastor as well as the teacher for the 16 – 18 year olds in Escuela Dominical. Our class size is about 10 people for now, but he tells me that it will grow.  My role in that class so far has been to observe the students and see how they are doing and see if they have any prayer requests and such. . . however pastor Christian has challenged me with getting prepared with teaching the next month (March), so I will be praying and preparing for that. He desires to alternate teaching the class with me on a regular basis. Please pray for my spiritual and language readiness to serve Sunday School (for youth).

After the second week, I have gotten a peak into the way students operate. I have a pretty tough crowd. I have a good mix of obedient and disobedient classes. Through the last week, I have felt first hand the power of prayer for the classroom. The days that I lack in prayer, the class falls appart, and I end the day with emotional pain. On days that I pray, the classes tend to be more obedient and effective. I finish the day with joy. I am thankful to God for showing me such a clear 1:1 ratio for prayer and effectiveness at school. I am learning firsthand. It shocks me to remember all the prayerless days in my past at work and at church. Just because I pray does not mean that I do not need prayers of others. Please pray for my students & me.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support.  It has really gone a long way for us this past week. We thank God for showing us so much and guiding our growth. Our third week has started and we will need your prayers.

Please pray for:
1) My school schedule
2) For my spiritual and lingual readiness to serve Sunday School (for youth)
3) For my students & me

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