The Jovenes Will Serve God

This past Sunday after church the samonim invited us over to their house for lunch. After a wonderful meal, the daughters went into the kitchen and came out with a lit birthday cake for Shin’s 30th birthday. Yes.. he turned THIRTY this Monday!

In his own words, “FINALLY!”

After resting for about an hour we went to Ytororo Church for children’s service. About 15 of the Jovenes (Youth) came out to help. We sang songs with them and heard a message from P. Freddy. Then we all helped distribute soda and cookies.

A family that goes to Marangatu came that day to donate school supplies to each child along with a goody bag of toys. It was very touching.

After the children left we met under one of the trees to officially distribute tasks to each of the youth. About four people volunteered as Sunday school teachers, several people are going to manage snacks, one person is in charge of managing and bringing the craft supplies, I’m going to make corresponding crafts for the Bible studies.

The students hearts are ready and willing to serve the children. They are even spending their own money to bring a variety of snacks, like cakes and hot dogs instead of just tang and cookies. They’ve also been practicing choreographed dances, skits, and other ways of sharing the Gospel with children.

This past Sunday was a remarkable day because the jovenes committed to serve.

8 thoughts on “The Jovenes Will Serve God

  1. Nasim

    HEY SHIN!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! You know today i was playing with my little music box thing annie gave me…well it’s a happy birthday to you! Missing you,

  2. Phillip Lee

    Happy birthday shin.I hope your doing good. Sry i havent gone to your website in a long time sorry i was sort of busy but, i read all your posts and it took me a long time. For some reason, i got interested.

    Let me give you an update whats happening.
    -The youth group went to 6 flags at the Feb 17
    -At Feb 18 it was the NBA all-stars game and all the boys went to pps house to watch the game since he has cable. (it was my idea) We also ate meat there and teddy and PP grilled it. It was very nice and good. Soya and Ceana helped out.
    -Friday nights we have been studying the book of Proverb. We went over chapter 1 for like 3 days and we are still in chapter one. haha
    -Feb 23 and 24 we are having a revival service. the guest speaker is going to be the translator’s wife ( who lives in Iraq i think)

    Well, this is the key updates. And we are always praying for you every sunday. haha. I wish you guys were here so you guys couldve enjoy the fun times we had.
    Bye PhiL

  3. hannah ,엄마.

    사랑하는 신영!
    너의 서른번째 생일을 축하한다.
    근데 나는 아직 장모 될 자격이 정말
    없는 사람인가 보다.어떻게 또 네 생일을
    잊어먹을 수가 있단 말이니????
    아무런 핑게도 대지 않을게.너무 미안해서…..
    오직 너의 삼십년의 삶을 더욱 축복 해주고 싶다.
    주님도 서른살에 공생의 삶을 시작 하신것 처럼
    너도 그런것 같다는 생각이 든다.
    이제껏 준비하고 훈련된 믿음의 자세를 가지고
    그곳에서 참으로 값지고 귀하고 보람된 사역의
    한해를 너의 삶에 가득 채우기를 빌게.
    주님의 축복이 함께 하실것을 믿는다.
    사랑해!! 신영!

  4. paul

    whoa, whoa….shin is still only 29! don’t jump the decade yet! ’cause if shin was 30, i would soon be too! 1 more year of our 20’s!!!! =)

  5. Lois Suh

    Hello to Annie and Shin! =)
    Happy Birthday Shin!
    I miss you guys. It seems like life is moving along as it should. It’s great to see and read about your life in Paraguay. I’ll be praying for you guys, keep posting your prayer requests up! Annie I see your mom every Friday and I always chat with her, she’s so cute. haha…take care

  6. Shin

    Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. After a long time of calculating, I found out that my age is indeed 30 if I’m going on the Korean birthday calendar system. However I am 29 if I am on the American birthday calendar system. It’s a strange feeling to be hanging on the edge of the next decade. None the less, (this might sound strange to you) Now I’m looking forward to being 40.

  7. Sarah

    Hey!!!.. Sorry this is my first comment. But, I’ve read all your updates and I sent my first email to you guys. I hope you guys will stay safe and healthy at all times. And Shin, I didn’t say Happy Birthday to you in the Email. Well, Here is my happy birthday song to you… HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU~~` HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU~~~~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SHINNNN~~~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU~~~~~~~ OOHH~~~`OOOHH~~~ hehe.. was that good?? ahha.. You are old!!! I think the first time I saw you was when you were 24 or something. Dang!!! 6 years?? haha.. Well, bye cya. God Bless and Good nite?? or mornning..?? ^_^. With love and prayers, Sarah.

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