Basic organization of the organizations

The organizations we are serving under are Marangatu & Cerritos. They are under the care of Missionary Cho and his wife unless otherwise stated below.

  • C1 – Cerritos Mission Center. This is where our house is located
  • C2 – Ebenezer Church. This is the church that is inside the mission center It is managed by the locals
  • C3 – Cerritos School. One of the schools we teach at.
  • C4 – Mission Office – Where we get our internet connection.
  • M1 – Marangatu Church. Where Missionary Cho serves as pastor.
  • M2 – La Lomita Marangatu Church. Daughter church of Marangatu.
  • M3 -Ytororo Marangatu Church. Daughter church of Marangatu
  • M4 – Marangatu School. The other school we teach at.

I hope this will help in understanding how things are organized here.

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