Ytororo Church

Ytororo Marangatu is a daughter church of Marangatu. It is located in the city of Ytororo. It was planted in September of 2004. I hear that it has been very difficult. For the last 2.5 years it has faithfully served the children of the Ytororo community.


The attendance varies from between 20 – 120 children. When the short term mission team comes from Cerritos Presbyterian church ( USA ), they do on a bigger scale for Ytororo Church, what we at WLAKC did in Mexico. It is at those times that they reach up to 120 children. However, after weeks of not going because of the rain, the attendance had dropped to 21.

It has been the prayer of the Missionary to build a church on these grounds. It has only recently been announced that the building of the “templo” will start. Very soon, people of Marangatu will be going to the site of Ytororo Marangatu church to pray. In our prayers and Bible readings Annie and I have been pressed to support the building of the “templo”. It is such a blessing to serve and worship there and to see the building of the church coming into existance.




Please pray for the Ytororo church and it’s growth. The purpose of this church is to reach out to people who do not know Christ. Please pray that the community of Ytororo will come to Christ through God’s power through the prayer and efforts of those who serve.

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