Third Life – Part 2 – Apologies

Thank you all so much for supporting us in prayer and with your comments. We are moved and encouraged.

At the time of the incident, it seemed so real and out of place. I really thought I was going to die. The feelings were real and my fear was real. I really thought that I could have died. After hearing from the doctor that it was an anxiety attack, the reason seemed out of place because I could not see how I was anxious. I thought I was calm and relaxed the whole time.

But after thinking about the doctor’s diagnosis and hearing from people who are around me here who are praying for me I am embarrassed to reveal that I have may have overemphasized the Spiritual aspect of the incident. I don’t doubt that the spirit world was involved, but to pinpoint that the cause was completely a spiritual attack was rash. I apologize for scaring all of you with the previous report.

Now, after hearing the counsel of our leaders and parents and thinking about it, it seems true that the reason for the incident may have been caused by stress. I was not able to perceive it but the people around me have told me that I always look tense or that I always looked worried. I was also told that I do not seem to know how to relax or to release my stress. I think it is all true.

Last night, I prayed and thought about this a lot more and decided to follow the word of God given to me: 1 Peter 5. In verse 7 it says, “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” This incident happened because of my character flaw. I now understand that this incident has turned out to be the grace of God to expose my weakness for my good- for me to offer it to Him.

I am so thankful that I cannot explain it. I see the world in a completely different way. I thank God for teaching me in such a tangible way. I am confirmed once more that God loves me and desires for me to grow here. So through God’s power & Gods will I will change.

Thank you everyone for your cares and prayers. Please continue to pray for us.

5 thoughts on “Third Life – Part 2 – Apologies

  1. Nasim

    WOW…I didnt think stress can cause so much trouble. I will continue praying for you guys and i’ll pray about stress and I hope you become more relaxed.(good thing i didnt call at 1:30 am again….more stress would of happen) Missing you guys!

  2. Sarah

    Hi Shin. I guess I’m the first person to put up the comments. Anyways, you don’t have to apologize. I was scared though. But, it is good to hear from you that you are okay now. I will pray for more and more for you guys and I really hope you guys stay healthy. Shin, stop getting stressed!!! ahah.. Yea, anyways, it is awesome to hear that you are okay. God Bless you and Annie in Paraguay. I will keep you and Annie in my prayers 4ever. ^_^.. God loves you guys and he will protect you guys. Ajah Ajah!! Hwaiting. ^_^

  3. Caroline

    Anxiety attacks are serious. believe me i have had them and unless you have had one, you wont understand.
    the body is an amazing thing –
    i will give you tips and the verse you have shared is definitely a great verse for me.

  4. Moon

    hey, its good to hear that things are better now. anxiety attack…didn’t know they were that serious, but at least it sounds like everything is okay. I feel so guilty and ashamed that the first time I’m writing on here is after something like this happened. Anyways I hope things get better for u guys over there.

  5. Shin Post author

    Thank you everyone for your encouraging words. It has been an interesting incident. I’m still in the process of recovering fully. I understand that I still need to rest even if i FEEL much better. As for the individual (moon and others) who feel guilty about not appering here. . . don’t worry. We understand that life gets busy and it is not easy to keep in mind another person other. Thank you for the care great enough to make the apperance.

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