The Youth Visit The Hogar De Ancianos

Yesterday, Saturday March 3, 2:00 PM the Youth gathered together at church to go to the Hogar De Ancianos. If directly translated, it means “Home of the Old Men”. It would be the equavalent to “Old Folk’s Home” in America except here, they keep he men and women in completely separate locations. I don’t know why. Before and after praying for departure Pastor Freddy warned “Chicas”(Girls) Be careful.

We arrived to church late, at around 2:30 and found that they were still waiting. We got lucky, because they didn’t leave till 2:50. We took the bus together to the “Hogar De Ancianos.

Ther was around 27 youth accompanied by 3 pastors/teachers (not including us) who went on this trip. They took along tea, sugar, and other things they had requested.

The bus trip was quite interesting and noisy. Everyone was basically doing their own thing including me. I took these pictures. The person in yellow looking very happy / surprised in the picture is David Lugo. He will appear in alot of the pictures today. Let me tell you about him briefly.

David’s main job is as a personal Secretary of Missionary Cho. He works in the mission office doing all sorts of things for the mission. I’m sure I don’t even know a tenth of it.

He is also the head of the “Multimedia Team” for the church. As for now, the team is him and one other occasionally. He makes videos, slideshows for church. He mans the projector and power-point presentation during praise and sermons for adults, youth, kids. He takes pictures, videos etc. He is also deeply involved in the youth activities as one of the teachers who participate. I see him on a regular basis because I come into the mission office often.

Before the trip the pastor had informed us of what we are there for. We are there for the purpose of evangelism through conversing with people who are lonely.

As we arrive at the location we are greeted with the sign “Santo Domingo” as follows and we all entered into the world of the Ancianos. (Play soundtrack of Jurrassic Park)

The Sign on the Fence

The Door

Through The Door.

The youth waited in the location for the direction the pastor. In the beginning, all the youths were very timid and scared . . especially the girls. You may be wondering, “so. . . where are the Ancianos”. Some students (guys) ventured into the grounds and started conversing with them. Soon, others started to dispurse in groups to go talk to the closest visible Anciano.

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2 thoughts on “The Youth Visit The Hogar De Ancianos

  1. Phillip Lee

    hey shin and annie i hope things are going pretty well.
    The church is changing little by little.
    we got new stereo system for the worship team.
    Oh yea the youth group went to snowboarding we had fun many people didnt know how to snowboard so we were taught by the great teacher billy. HAHA. If you guys were here we would be have an awesome time together. I hope you guys could stay healthy so when you guys come back we could do these things together. And Paul prayed for you today. Just to let you know we play for you every sunday and friday. bye

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