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This past Sunday was a special day of meeting people. After service, we met another missionary couple with Intervarsity Ministries. Their names are Sheryl and Steve. It’s an amazing coincidence but they had ministries on UCI campus, Shin’s alma mater. Halfway across the globe and we meet someone from the same city and state. We hope to share a meal with them and talk soon.

We also met another couple, Reuben and Lucy, who invited us to lunch in the same sentence as, “Nice to meet you!” They were the first family to invite us into their home so it was really special for us. I realized midway how truly our Spanish has come an incredibly long way! We were able to understand their jokes and converse with them for over 2 hours! It’s amazing! Thank you for praying for our language skills, everyone. It has had a huge impact on our learning.

After lunch Pastor Freddy picked us up in the back of a flatbed truck along with 8 others, to go to Ytororo for children’s ministry. We didn’t go the past two weeks. The teachers began Sunday school two weeks ago. There are three general groups: Oldest, younger, and those under 6 or 7 years old. I made two posters, one for the focus verse, Daniel 1:8, and another to invite the neighborhood kids to join us each week. (I will picture them after the following Sunday.)

Just before service

Sunday School- the oldest kids

Sunday School-the middle-aged kids

Sunday School-kids under age 7 photo a

Sunday School-kids under age 7 photo b

The rebels who skipped service

About to hang a poster of invitation

EXCITING NEWS!!! In three weeks, they are going to begin construction of Ytororo Church!!! Please keep the church and construction in your prayers!!!



Theres a lot going on with Marangatu right now that we’re involved in. I have so many art projects at the moment:
1) I’m going to sketch a new blueprint for the Ytororo church building based on Marangatu’s blueprint. I’m hoping that will be simple.

2) On April 6 and 7, Marangatu Church is performing a play based on the Passion of the Christ. It will be a great evangelistic opportunity in the neighborhood. I’m supporting the visual portion by making posters and helping with the backdrops for the play. Here are a few pictures:

Pasion de Cristo Poster 1
This first one took about 11 1/2 hours to get this far, including pre-measuring the grid for enlargement, pencil sketching, overlaying with pastel, cutting the letters out, spraying several coats of hair spray over the pastels, then glueing down the letters… It was a tremendous amount of work in one sitting. I have two more to do before Sunday, although I will make those more briefly than the first! It’s sad, but the tendency of kids is to destroy things, so I have to accept that part of my work too.


3) I’m part of the set design team for the play. We have to create a concept for how to portray important scenes from Jesus’ life, like the Last Supper, the Crucifixion, etc. It’s a lot of pressure because the set and the props can really enhance the ambience of the play, or take away from it. We hope it will be a blessed endeavor with God’s special hand of creativity on it.

Prayers for:
The construction of Ytororo
Pasion de Cristo

2 thoughts on “New People, New Projects

  1. Nasim

    HAha~ the rebles who skiped service. Sry i thought that was very funny. very interesting! Keep safe. I miss you guys…i’ll try to call you!

  2. Ceana

    WOW~ The graphic arts skills are coming REALLY handy! Its amazing how God can use all the talents He has given you. Also I am wondering if you have been recieving my emails, haha :). Will be praying for The Pasion de Cristo and Ytororo Chruch (I cant even pronounce it). Lucky you, improving in Spanish, it should be way different from how I am learning…sitting in class reading the spanish, but not really conversing, haha. Its way different, first hand and book learning. God bless you guys.

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