Last Sunday, we got up late but were early to church. We rushed out to church as fast as we can, took the first bus that came by not knowing for sure if it would go where we needed to go.  Luckily, in the bus, we met the man who prepares the sound equipment for the church. I sheepishly asked him, are you going to church?  He said, yes.   Of COURSE he would say yes. . . where ELSE would he be going on a Sunday morning. 

 I felt good that we got on the right but, but felt embarassed for asking him that question.  We rush off the bus past the sound man and enter the church to find out that the Fiance of the Children´s pastor was there.  Annie asked her, is pastor Christian there?  She answered, not yet.  We thought, how strange that he is late today. . . we greeted another person who was praying in the pews.  She is one of the intesessors in the church.  She said that we came really early.  I thought she was joking.  I asked her what time is it? She said it was 7:30.  We usually get to church by 8:30.  So that is how we discovered our time change.  Now we and you are officially 3 Hours apart.  We are the same time as NY USA.

 How is everyone doing.  I hope everything is going well.  We have been quite busy here and didn´t have the chance to update this blog that often.  We have alot of pictures and videos that we would like to share, but due to either technical or temporal difficulties we were not able to. 

I have heard in part the news of the WLAKC and am looking forward to hearing more about what has progressed.  Thank you so much for everyone who has been praying for us here in Paraguay.  We here are understanding the importance of prayer more and more and more and more. 

I have been starting out every day almost like holding my breath to wait for God to answer our prayers. The simple service of teaching students here have proved to be very difficult and stressul in many ways.

I have leaned quickly that on days that I had prayed, the students are more obedient.  On days that I had forgotten to pray, for some reason, it becomes a complete disaster.  My days are in the balance between good and disasterous pending on prayer.

Thank you so much for your prayers, but I believe I have recovered very well from the past incident due to your prayers.  For the last few weeks after the incident, I have received a different insight that I had never had before. I am right not still not sure of how to describe it, but in my being I feel that my life has become more deep and rich.  It is like I see the world in a different way. I would like to talk about in upcoming posts. 

 As for the updates. . . here they are. 
(We will update with more as soon as I purchase the codec.  The demo expired on me recently after these below. It took me this long to just decide to purchase it.)

  • Praise Practice 1 – 2/24/07
  • Praise Practice 2 – 2/24/07
  • Praise Practice 3 – 2/24/07
  • Pictures have been added to the gallery:
    ( We have alot more new pictures, we were more conservative about uploading pictures due to the Picasa space limt. . . but now thank God they now give 1GB for free!)
    Ytororo Visit

    Here is a list of prayers that have been answered. 
    We wanted to share the fruits of your prayers.
    Answered Prayers

    • Shin´s Quick Recovery
    • Shin´s Schedule Conflict (for those of you who didn´t know I had a schedule conflict at school that put me in an awkward situation.  2 Class times overlapped eachother for 10 minutes.  It turns out that something happened at the school and they HAVE to move teachers around.  Thank God the change for me rids me of the conflicting schedule.
    • Shin and Bugs. . . Thank you all for all of your prayers. I feel  very thankful that all of the bugs madness has gone down to a level way below my expectation. We are no longer fighting invisible parasites.
    • School. . . I really believe that the prayers have helped with the control of the out of control classrooms.

    If you are thinking, how come all these answered prayers sound like Shin´s. . . it is because they are mine.  I will allow Annie to share her answered prayers in her own words.  Some of the above things are one time prayers. . . and some are ones that need continuous prayer.   Thank you so much for laboring with us in prayer. . . please continue to faithfully work with us in this way.

    Shin Y. Kim

    3 thoughts on “Updates

    1. hannah ,엄마.

      정말 감사하고 감사한 일.
      모든것이 감사할 뿐이다.
      하나님께 영광을!!!!!!!

    2. Nasim

      WOW~ I’m glad that the prayer have been answered(well some) I’m just glad that you guys are ok. We miss you both badly. Nice..Up early in the morning…I actually woke up at 6 this morning and it’s kinda werid when your house is quite. LOL. We had a college night thing on friday. I can’t tell you what happened because i was sick and couldnt go. well maybe someone else will post about what happened. Missing you always,

    3. Ceana

      Oh, you guys have time change too! WOw, Teddy talked to us about the importance of prayer on firday night bible study, thats crazy! I have also learned about the importance of prayer and the word in my life, after all the times they were stressed to me, I finally can experience the importance, not only feel and try, but DO it. Even the small things that are in front of me, I am compelled to pray. Everytime I know I am going to be late to school or even when I dont want to wait an hour for a bus I always ask God, I have faith that you can do ALL things, please, take my faith, can you let the bus wait for me? HAHA, and the bus is there waiting for some more passengers, or I will get to school 20 min early! Another incidence of prayer was when a family friend had breast cancer. I remember my mom and my dad spent many days with her and made me pray with them for hours over her. After a few weeks of FAITHFUL (“We know its already healed”) prayer, the family friend went the get examined and they said they couldnt find the tumor anywhere which was there before. In Christ all things are possible, and He is the same yesterday today and forever~ so His promise will never fail our prayers. What an Amazing God we have, haha. God bless you, Shin and Annie!

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