Craving Boba Milk Tea

I found out that “Boba” in Castellano means, “Foolish woman.”
Therefore, “Boba Loca” is a pretty mean thing to say to someone here.

Have you ever wondered what Boba is made of? I had absolutely no idea. I finally decided to research tapioca pearls and see if it was possible to make it, find it, or ship it?

First I read that tapioca balls are made from the starch extracted from Casseva Roots. I looked up Casseva roots on Wikipedia. The root grows in subtropical to tropical climates and its a long root that is a brownish color. I looked over at Shin and said, “Huh. Wouldn’t it be funny if this was mandioca?” Then, as I skimmed the highlighted words, I saw the word, “Mandioca.”


Mandioca is only the most common root sold in Paraguay. It’s as common as grass and really cheap in the markets. It’s a daily food staple for most Paraguayans.

Mandioca From Wikipedia:

We see the plant all the time in people’s backyards!!

Mandioca Plant From:

We are so going to try to make boba at home one of these days!! It should be a cinch finding mandioca starch in the supermercados. We’ll keep you updated!!!

(I will replace these images with our own!)

4 thoughts on “Craving Boba Milk Tea

  1. Nasim

    LOL(to last comment) anyways…shin!! ANNIE!! NOW I WANT BOBA!! actually i had some yesturday…mmmm…Taro flavor anyone?? Wow that is so awsome…now you can make them and sent us the resicpy! ACK! I want some now..T.T

  2. Ceana

    AhHH ~!!! You will bring back the recipe for homemade BOBA! Haha. We are going to retreat this friday, please pray for our safety and spiritual growth 🙂

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