La Pasion de Cristo

Hello to everyone. First off, a sincere apology for not posting anything since early this month. We are late in sharing the first fruits of the ministry!

First, the church presented the theatrical, “The Passion of the Christ” on April 6 and 7. You may remember the posters in an earlier post. Shin and I were also involved with making the set design for this play: the rocks and the painted backdrop.

The Sunday before the play, a group of Sunday school classes, and teachers, walked around the neighborhoods to personally invite people and give out invitations. The turnout was great as a result, much greater than their previous Christmas play.

Thursday and Good Friday are national holidays and everybody rests. So on the night of the play the city was very still. The buses weren’t in circuit, the majority of shops were closed and the streets were quite dark. But as we approached the church it was a warm light surrounded by darkness. It was a beautiful impression.

The church was crowded that first night with regular church members and newcomers. All the kids had to sit on the floor in the front to make room. The ushers brought in additional adult chairs and then they had to bring in the children’s chairs too-for the adults! And people were still standing in the back. Somehow, even a stray dog came in and refused to go out!

Please watch the clip of the play. It was amazing. And the majority of the actors are younger than 25. One of the most impacting scenes of the play is when they put Jesus on an actual cross. I was awestruck to see something so spectacular and yet NOT Hollywood. Seeing an actual man on a cross and knowing that’s what Jesus went through touched many people. Over those two nights, more than 40 people accepted Christ as their Savior.

Theater – Crucifixion Scene

In the first week of June, the Department of Arts will be presenting another skit, “The Pilgrim’s Progress.” We will keep you updated!

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