Dia De Los Profesores


This weekend the Marangatu church was visited by the mayor of Via Elisa, the city that we are in. He and his wife gave a short few words during our service. This is them giving us a short speech.I heard that Via Elisa was usually run by a very liberal party and that he is probably the first christian mayor of Via Elisa.

Along with that in the very same service we had a special Paraguayan style praise song performance by a group during offering. Here is a video clip of their performance.


Today (Monday) is the official Dia De Los Profesores. It is “teachers day”. Last friday, we received many congradulations and gifts from students we didn’t expect. Here is a image gallery of items we received.

Also about a mont ago we discovered in the jungle of our back yard some fruits. We wanted to show you the varieties we have found. Here is a video of the fruits we have found.

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