New Short Term Missionary

Maru and Elizabeth 

Elizabeth is a new missionary who is currently visiting for 5 weeks! Her dad is a pastor friend of Missionary Cho! It’s been very exciting having someone new at the center. We realize how much we’ve learned about the city in comparison to a newbie. Also she’s been a great help and great company.

Everyday she comes to a combination of both our classes and assists with managing the students. They like her very much and have been angelic so far, or perhaps in the presence of two teachers instead of one. But she’ll probably experience the cup of wrath this week while we’re gone… pobrecita. The first day in my 7th and 8th grade, my male students voluntarily summoned up more english than ever before. They were asking her, “What’s your telephone” and “Do you have a boyfriend.”

Elizabeth is a piano major in her first year of college, so she’s already begun playing the keyboard before service begins, and we play together for offering. Shin is happy (relieved). He says he’s glad talent is being used to it’s best capacity. Case in point: The first student chapel service she attended, I was playing violin, she was doing the powerpoint, and Shin was playing keyboard. Then we had a technical problem and we all put on the wrong hats. I got on the projector, so she sat down, and Shin was still on the keyboard. Then we rotated again, and she got on the keyboard, Shin got on the computer, and I started playing violin, and everything was right in the world.

Maru, our Spanish tutor is now also her tutor and tour guide. She took us to El Centro, “downtown” yesterday where we ate empanadas and saw a lot of crafts. Here are some photos that can be found on the web album as well:

This was the first grand hotel in Asuncion. It’s since been abandoned or closed but it’s being renovated

Panteon de los Heroes. It’s a memorial for important historical people such as Generals, past presidents, and others. 
Here’s a shot of the ceiling in the Pantheon

Waiting to eat empanadas at Lido cafe

A display of apparatus for Terrere (except the tea)

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  1. Un Young Kim

    -Waiting to eat empanadas at Lido cafe-
    Lido Cafe 둘만의 사진 너무 보기좋아 한장
    퍼간다. 할아버지

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