Elizabeth’s Last Day


Earlier when we first came to Paraguay, teaching was so hard that I asked God to please send me someone to help me with the classes. And He sent Elizabeth to Paraguay for 5 weeks! She became a teachers aide for my classes! When we went to the States she substituted for me. Mostly though, she was my friend through each grueling and joyful day of teaching and everyday life.

Today she’s leaving. I’m sad because I’m going to miss grabbing choclo empanadas with her after class, playing duets for Sunday offering, grading papers over hot tea, going grocery shopping. Last night we all went to Asuncion and bowled and ate pizza. I know we’re going to meet up after we return. So I’m not that sad. But I feel sad for the people here that are more sad than I. The next few months are going to be really different without her.

Thank you for coming to Paraguay Elizabeth! I’m going to miss you.
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One thought on “Elizabeth’s Last Day

  1. Un Young Kim

    Paraguay 선교 하나님의 은총중에 많은 열매 맺기를 !
    Shin Annie 화이팅!!!
    LA 할아버지 할머니

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