September & October Update

Las Olimpiadas 9/19-9/20 We had a school-wide olympics at both schools in September. It’s a week long reason not to study .. er… to build school pride and companerismo.

My super fourth graders

Since enrollment each student is assigned one time to either the color Bordo (Mauve) or Blanco (White). Then there is a schoolwide competition in running, throwing, games, futsal (soccer with a smaller ball in a smaller court), pelota muerte (dodge ball translated “deathball”) and other points for cheering, team song, traditional dance, etc.





The 7th and 8th grade girls prepped for a dance


So far, Bordo is the reigning champion in both schools. It gets pretty intense. This year’s theme was, “Be Strong and Courageous” so the Bordo did a knights / soldier theme. The Blanco’s did an olimpian athlete theme.

Photos from opening night and the games:

Yvonne (7th) trying not to get burned





My contribution were these shields that spell out “B-O-R-D-O.”

Two 7th graders battle for the finish line

Funny 1st Grader

My super competitive 4th grader Julieta

My former third grader being affectionate

Luis Alejandro (3rd grade cutie)

“Adolescentes Intensamente Poderosos” A.I.P. members range from about 5th grade through 10th. It’s a much smaller group than the Jovenes. Shin and I started helping with the adolescent group 2 months ago. I make posters for their weekly themes and Shin brings the projector and equipment to do the powerpoint for praise. After praise they break into Bible study groups. We participate while the leaders do their thing.

A photo of the dna I made for the theme, “I don’t want to be a clone”:

C.E.C. & Evangelism 10/13/07
C.E.C. is a Christian organization that trains people to evangelize. They held a seminar at Marangatu and Shin and I enrolled.

Globe with crosshairs. It ended up being too heavy to hang

The different methods they taught were; Mime, theater, painting, and personal evangelism to adults and children. Shin chose evangelism to kids and I chose evangelism to adults. At the end of the day we split into 4 groups, with an equal number of mimers, artists, actors, and gospel presenters in each group, and took the bus to different neighborhoods. Here are a few photos from my group.






The happy person is Prof Cesar, a math teacher at Marangatu


The Body Worship team

The adult evangelism class learned how to share the 4 Spiritual Laws. My partner was an older woman named Pelagia. She is a very sweet, prayerful woman. We prayed together before we left and asked for the Holy Spirit’s guidance and power.

Pelagia and Eugenia- happily married

It was my first time evangelizing in Paraguay. The moment came. We didn’t have a english to spanish translator! I was so scared! For her it was her first time in 7 years of being a Christian. When we arrived at the site she greeted each person in Guarani, the mother language. We shared with 5 people and 3 of these women prayed to accept Christ as their Savior.

It’s astonishing that people meet Christ through such a brief hearing of who God is and what He did. At times I doubt but I have to trust that that is the grace, the power, and the work of God. A person who hears the promise of God in 10-15 minutes can only make that commitment by trusting that God is who He says He is and will do what He promised. I pray for those people and also want to be more bold for Christ. I recently asked God for a companion or group of people to go out and evangelize on a regular basis.

Monica is my friend.


She had a very special wedding this year in September. Actually, I got to know her better by helping her plan and run errands around July/August. (The women here generally plan their wedding just a few months prior.) She was already legally married to the groom for several years and they have a son. But the ceremony was to symbolize a new life in Christ after both becoming Christians (the also got baptized this year), and a restored marriage after several painful years of being separated.

Her Wedding Testimony: God was extremely gracious and provided for the wedding on September 7. She only had a $200 budget to plan a wedding and a reception for 35 people! This is how God answered. She made all her own centerpieces:


I designed her wedding invitations and made a slideshow. David, the tech guy, printed the invites on his office printer for free.




She borrowed a gorgeous dress from her mentor’s daughter who got married this year -it fit perfectly. The mentor’s husband happens to be a pastry chef and gifted the cake.

The pastry chef and wife (also our neighbors)


The reception site was her father-in-law’s new, freshly painted, auto shop. Her Catholic mother-in-law decided to support the wedding towards the end and cooked the reception meals herself.

I didn’t get to eat the food b/c I got sick that night

Monica found a children’s party planner that did the decorating for 1/3 of the other estimates she received.

Wedding at Marangatu

Our tutor Maru is 3rd from the left

She was able to hire a professional photographer (a friend of a friend) and have her hair and makeup done professionally. It was the most amazing and beautiful wedding that astonished those who knew her situation. Here are some photos.

Dancing the traditional waltz with the groom

Dancing the traditional waltz with the bride

One day she came over and I taught her how to make earrings. She was really good! I encouraged her to think about selling them. I gave her a set of pliers and and enthused her. She saved up her own money for beads and wires and made her first collection. She started selling to family and friends and even arranged to sell them in her friends’ shops. After the first week she was able to buy another set of materials just with her earnings! She’s still doing wonderful business. So far, these things are good and helpful especially because she was a homemaker. But I acknowledge that there is no spiritual value in it, or in teaching academics, or in volunteering on its own. So I pray that everything God has given us to share would yield spiritual fruits for His glory.

Bible Study, “Vida de Jesus” After the A.I.P. Shin and I take a Bible study course on the Life of Jesus based on Matthew. It’s a 10 week course in Spanish. We are going to have a solid theological base in Spanish! Our tutor is Charles, the man who drove Shin to the hospital when he had the panic attack. He also went to seminary for two years and gives us in depth backgrounds which is great. I’m thankful we are being equipped in knowledge and in many other ways here. We are always thinking how we can use the things we’ve learned when we return.

Raquel is a girl I’ve been tutoring in English for the last couple months. She graduated high school here at Colegio Cerritos. Now she is one of the cleaning ladies at the school. She cleans about 6 hours a day and is putting herself through two different schools. One is to learn english, Portuguese, and secretary skills. The other is to become a certified soccer referee. She is a ranked FIFA soccer player. Oh yea. And she’s only 19. I met her on the way to church when Missionary Cho picked her family up and drove us all but we never talked. Then one day on campus I said hi and she said she was going to talk to me in English one day. And that was how we became friends and eventually how I became her tutor.
She’s very bright and motivated. We’re using the english book that I use with my 7th and 8th graders and she caught up in a month what they’ve been studying since January. (That says alot) However, she is a professing Christian who hasn’t been living under the lordship of Christ. I really want to see her be blessed in every way and ask for your prayers that she would know Jesus in a deeper way and in her life decisions.

Nature Stories
I was standing in the bathroom today when I saw something yellow-green and webb-y peeking out of the shower drain. I came closer and it disappeared down the hole. I think it was a frog. I turned the water on and kept it running for awhile. I hope it doesn’t come back. Gross.
The other night I was reading and heard a sporadic snapping sound- it wasn’t cereal. It was a beetle on it’s back that was trying upright itself. It would high jump up to a foot in the air. Then something curious happened. It ended up under the clothes drawer where there was dust. For the next few minutes I watched fascinated as it tried to free itself of the dust caught on it’s feet. But the more it tried, the more entangled it became. I thought it would die trapped. Eventually it managed to pop out of the nest of dust. But it was tired.
I saw another scorpion in the house. Here’s a photo of the first one:

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