This is how it happened – My Bio

For the longest time, I’ve been stuck and wandering in the desert. All my life, I had lived with a sense of progress, movement, pursuit of the clear and present next step in my life.

After I married, my personal life direction has gone into a strange stagnation. I believe there was a reason for it. I can not dismiss that Annie and I have come a long way in our relationship and learned alot through the (2) years together, taking things slow.

In reality, it was not marriage that caused me to wander in the desert, but that, prior to getting married, I had promised my parents, and Annie’s parents, that I would not go a certain direction in my life. From there, I had to find another direction. I thought perhaps, because I love to empower the youth, my next step in life would be to become a teacher. Doors closed quickly. That was also part of my wanderings. God let me wander for a while till recently when he offered me the opportunity to make the choice again. I felt the need to take that offer this time, or I would regret it greatly.

After I said yes, things started to happen. The water started to flow. My direction in my life became clear again.

Here are the mildstone accounts of my life that God has taken me through.

Feb 1978 – July 1998

  • Brought up as a Christian with Christian values.
  • Gave my life to Christ at a Christian retreat not from our church.
  • Steady growth in Christian life into college.

    Aug 1999 – Oct 2004

  • Wandered in college which lead to rededication to Christ completely.
  • Called to sacrifice my newly found church & friends to serve youth at my home church.
  • Served youth under youth pastor.
  • Called to be a pastor while praying in my bedroom.

    Oct 2004 – Present

  • Promised parents I would not become a pastor.
  • Married.
  • Served with wife as youth teachers.
  • Pursued a career as a teacher and failed.
  • Youth pastor left and we wandered in the desert.
  • Went to leaders/teachers conference and was called to be pastor again. Said Yes.
  • Mission opportunity given to us. Parents support pastorship & mission.

    Through much prayer & seeking God’s plan we were confirmed to go to Paraguay.
    The church has decided to send us to Paraguay.
    God has laid out our plans for us.
    Here are the next 5 years.
    We will be renting out our home and living with our parents. All our belonging will be dispersed to my parents and Annie’s parents. We will go on missions for 1 or 2 years and return. Upon returning, I will enter into seminary and Annie and I will try for a baby. I will be serving the WLAKC youth when I return unless God gives us a different direction. We will continue living in my parents home until God allows us to move back into our home, or another home.

    2007 – 2008: Paraguay
    2008 – 2012: Seminary, Living with parents, Annie first baby, continue serving youth.
    2013 : ?UNKNOWN? – Waiting for God to show us.

    This is what is laid out.
    I am scared to think what will happen at 2013, even 2008. I know that I will be a different person entirely, and I pray that God will grow me into a MAN of God

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