Paraguay Mission Preperations

We are extremely busy trying to get the tasks done so that we will be able to go to Paraguay without any fallout. So many little things to do.

  • Working hard in the youth to set up leadership and ministries
  • Working hard at work to make sure my leaving will not hurt the company.
  • Purchasing plane tickets
  • Getting a Paraguay Visa
  • Sending out mission support letters
  • Moving into parents house
  • Renting the home out
  • Shin – Passport – mine currently expires 7/2007 so I can potentially get stuck there
  • Shin – Immunizations (all those shots aahhhhh!)
  • Purchasing equipment for missions
  • — other things i remember —

The above items are things I have in my mind.
I’m sure there are more. I will add them to a second list as I remember them.

Please visit the Paraguay page for more information on the mission and support.

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