Nearing the Last Day of School- Annie’s Closure with 8th Grade

My 8th Grade Class
(Left to Right):
Gustavo Acuna, Jonas Matias, Julieta, Javier, Eni, Christian, me, Lorena, Gustavo Manuel, Jonas Caceres, Nicholas, Arnaldo David. (I had two Jonas and two Gustavos)

This is the last week of school. We will finish giving our final exams through Tuesday, turn in grades, and then we’re finished teaching! A feel a bunch of things when I imagine the end. I know I’m going to miss them, and I have some regrets about how I taught and I acknowledge they’ve hurt me too. But I’ve done my best as a teacher and there have been uncertainties and also wonderful times. Like the camp when my team won and I was more their friend, and less an authority figure to rebel against. I’ve grown attached to them. As I imagine not seeing them any more I feel great sadness about how short the time was. Oh well. I’m gonna take down their info and hopefully get to stay in touch. The following Friday we’re gonna go to the mall and watch a movie so that’s a start!



Eni made the cake

It made it’s way to a few faces at first…

But ended up on everybody’s face by the end (except mine. hehe)
(Left to Right): Javier, Martin, Alex, Victor (in the foreground)

These girls are in the 8th grade level 2 English class

Profe Anna & Ana Julieta

A wonderful group of students and people. I’m going to miss you all :(..
Thank you for a year of surprises and an opportunity to discover my true nature :/

2 thoughts on “Nearing the Last Day of School- Annie’s Closure with 8th Grade

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    아니,하나님의 딸이다…………………….

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