Pre-Escolar and Jardin Closing Ceremony

I taught Pre-Escolar A and B. Here Pre-Escolar is Kindergarten and Jardin is pre-school. Well, Pre-Escolar was split in two uneven numbered classes because they totaled almost 45 students. In one class there were about 27 and in the other about 16. I was asked to prepare a number for the closing ceremony in addition to a number of other big productions they planned. We did “The Wheels on the Bus” with the larger class, and a song called, “Are you Wearing Red Today” with the smaller one.

Earlier the day of the performance, I sketched and painted the props on styrofoam.


I decided to paint this one red because there’s a bus line number 38 that looks like this one; It’s flat in the front as opposed to having a protruding hood. I painted the other one green and white because the school buses here are green instead of yellow.

A special touch is that one says “Colegio Cerritos” for the bus line with “Ingles” as the destination. The other says, “Pre-Escolar” with “Jesus” as the destination.

Photos before the show began:


The tech team!

Can you feel the anticipation?!!

P.E. b: (left to right) Nayeli, Monica, Lucia, Gabriela, Natalia

P.E. B (L-R): Orlando, Sergio, Mauricio

Profe Anna

Girls of P.E. a: Mikaela, ? Ambar, Johana, Abigail

Profe Marita, also the head of the English dpt at Cerritos. She is wonderful!

Marita, she’s from South Africa, presented “I’m a Little Teapot”. She had asked me to design a teapot mask and paint a large teapot and saucer prop. I made the prototype mask and she mass produced and painted them herself. They were very cute with their little faces peeking out!


Her production was extremely impressive because she sat down and directed them using her pinky and index fingers! It was amazing. She would raise one finger and a student came out and set the table, she lifted another finger and another little girl set the cup and saucer down, another finger, and a plate of cookies appeared… The audience was hushed. It was astonishing.


I was second in the repertoire, which I was thankful for. I hadn’t practiced with them on the stage as the other teachers had done. We only practiced in class maybe 6 or 7 times. I was nervous but strangely calm. I prayed, “Lord? You know how much preparation went in. Please let it go just okay and I’ll be thankful.” Of course the crowd being that large was unnerving too… and knowing they’re the parents… yikes.

Well, an answer to my prayer came in such a gracious manner. Beforehand, the teachers had asked me, “Do you want them to wear certain clothes?” And I said “No, their regular clothes is fine” because I knew they would be going through a lot of costume changes, and I didn’t want them to have to go out and buy something either. Well, there was a curtain, so I leaned the buses up on two little chairs and arranged them and ran back to the front before the curtain opened:


When they opened the curtains my breath was taken away. The curtains opened and…

although I don’t have a photo of everyone together, take note that the boys are all wearing green shirts, next to the green bus, and the girls are wearing red next to the red bus. I did NOT plan that. I could also have easily switched the buses. It was a blessing from God!



After that was Preschool B’s turn.areyouwearing.jpg
They’re holding little colored t-shirts and singing, “Are you Wearing Red (blue, green) today?” So darling.

Then Danza Paraguay followed:




Finally, they performed the Nativity. They used a REAL baby for Jesus!





It was a HUGE and spectacular production by the little ones. I enjoyed it immensely. It was my first time helping produce anything like this, including props. I am hoping to make myself more available to help the children’s department at WLAKC in the future with the new skills and experience I gained!

We are thankful to be here being trained in SO many different ways. We’re being stretched in unexpected areas, like this. Who knew Annie would be working with children? I never saw it coming! πŸ™‚ These beautiful preschoolers are the reason I want to be a mom. So if you’re praying for our future family… thank you! God bless you every one!

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