Thanksgiving / Mission Service at WLAKC

The last 2 weeks, Annie and I were busy preparing for the Thanksgiving service. Our performance would be the “12 Plates of Food on Thanksgiving” sung to the tunes of “12 Days of Christmas”. Annie was really the drive behind making all of this happen. Here is the link to the Song Lyrics We barely finished the lyrics for the song, barely got the singing practice in, and barely finished the Powerpoint Presentation that goes along with the song. We were excited to present this fun and happy song to celebrate Thanksgiving with our church as a whole during a joint service.

Just last week Sunday, the sunday before Thanksgiving, I found out that we will not be having a joint service, but rather we will be having a second service. On top of that, I was notified by by Jung JDSN that on Thanksgiving Sunday, the main theme of the service will not really be Thanksgiving, but the Paraguay Missions. He had asked me two weeks ago to make a power point presentation about what our mission trip. I thought it was for the purpose of notifying the adults as a whole. I then also was told that same day, a week before thanksgiving, that we should bring pledge cards to church. Annie and I were confused, but we decided to follow anyways.

During the week, I gave some thought to all the scattered information and some issues hit me. First off I realized that the service had been planned from long ago to be a “Mission Service” all along. It was planned that way with the intent to raise awareness, at the same time to raise support.

It was hard for me to accept this method of collecting funds and I have made my case known to the Pastors. I didn’t know how to react, nor did i felt it was completely right.

None the less, I decided to follow the direction of the church and quietly accept what they were doing since the leadership had decided to do things in this manner, and I at the time had no say or control over the situation. God knows my heart, desires and motives. I’m learning that as long as He knows, He will make things right. . . in situations that I did not have a choice in.

So during the service, people who came for the mission service, people who came just because it was thanksgiving, people who came to see the concert service all alike were given the choice on the spot to support the mission efforts of WLAKC. I pray that they had made a prayerful decision deep in their hearts with conviction that was given to them by God. I also pray that God will bless them back richly, and that they will be reminded to pray so they can share in the blessing of participating in the spiritual world of the mission as well.

Thank you for supporting Annie and I as we are being sent.

Shin Y. Kim

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