A Logo for GBUP


This past week God opened up another creative assignment for me. It was to design a logo for a Christian Campus Ministry training seminar. The logo will be used for the folders, t-shirts and signs for the event.

Well, this org has university campus ministries internationally. In Paraguay it´s called, GBUP (Grupos Biblicos Unidos del Paraguay). In the US, its called IVCF InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. The referall came though our Spanish tutor, Maru, who is part of GBUP.

Well, I can´t contain my excitement that I got an opportunity to design this because Im a rookie designer and this was like my first real “client”. But I came to Paraguay and God has been putting my art skills to practice and stretching me as an artist and making sure I don´t forget my skills.

God is gracious to me because He knows me. I feel His lovingkindness towards me in all of this creativity.

One thought on “A Logo for GBUP

  1. hannah ,엄마.

    정말 잘했다.
    정말 멋있어!
    하나님은 애니에게
    정말 좋은 은사를(talent)
    많이 주셨다고 나는 믿는다.
    자신감을 가지고 맘껏
    쓰는것이 하나님을 기쁘시게
    하는것이라고 믿는다.
    이제 정들었던 그곳을 떠나는 날이
    얼마 남지 않았구나…

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