We have arrived

Hello Everyone.

We have arrived in Kansas City Misouri safely. It turns out that Kansas city is in fact in Kansas, but the city expanded and got so big, that it crossed over into Misouri, so that is why there is a Kansas City in Misouri.

The plane rides were so so. We went from LA to Texas. That was fine, but from Texas to Kansas City was tough. The plane was small and the descent . . . was tough. The last 30 minutes of the flight was tough on my body. I felt the my body being compressed as we decended. It may sound silly, but I got through that through prayer and trusting in God.

As soon as we arrived I called George. George C. is our renter. He is a very spirit filled man. What struck me odd yet a plesant surprise at first was his willingness to pick us up from the airport. Not only that, when we arrived, is acts of service for us were over our
expectation to the point, thought, how can one get himself to do these things without complaining or on the contrary with willingness!

Through talking we discovered that he feels God has given him the gift of help and that this is his ministry in life. I can see that he does it joyfully.

It was very hard for me to accept all of his help because I come form a background of doing the best I can to not let serve me as a courtesy, to spare them of unncessary work. However, when the person who does serve me in this way does it so joyfully, so freely,
and so trusting in God that people will not take advantage of him, I can’t help but admire his heart and desire to be like him.

On the way back, he offered to take us to two markets, a korean market and an american market. We only went to the korean market and bought a bunch of food. He even invited us to two of his meetings he has with korean people in his circle of friends. His heart to
accomodate us and to help us feel welcomed and integreated was so much, I felt God’s grace in it. He is even now constantly offering us rides to the school that is 5 minutes away.

One thought on “We have arrived

  1. Steve Morrison

    Shin, Annie,

    Glad to see that you have arrived safely.
    Glad also to see that God has provided you with a good angel George, and your adventure is starting well. I hope you will enjoy your time and experience much learning and growth.

    In His Name,

    Steve Morrison

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