God provides for physical & spiritual needs

I came here without a glove, but God provided me with a pair + a scarf + a dose of spirit-piercing truth.

After church today, we took a shuttle back to the main prayer center where we go after class. There were only 2 seats in the shuttle and Annie and I were separated.  I ended up sitting in the back of the bus among what turned out to be a family.

I sat between a man named Travis(left) and an elderly woman Kathy (right). Kathy had a badge like me so she commented that we were in the same class.  This started our small talk about weather and how cold it is.  I told her briefly that when we walked my ears would get cold so I would cover it with my hand and then my hand would get cold so I would put my hand in the pocket, then my ears would get cold.  Then she looked at me and asked if I didn’t have a scarf or gloves. I told her that the day seemed fine so I left my scarf at home, but I didn’t have gloves.

Let me remind you that we were complete strangers. As soon as we arrived at the Global Prayer Room, Kathy started to take off her gloves and gave them to me. I stammered in my words saying that it’s ok and that I really don’t need them, trying to create a good case for why she shouldn’t give them to me. Before I could even react, she proceeded to take off her scarf and put it around my neck.  Along with this, she asked Travis, her brother-in-law, to take us home. Having strange mixed feelings of thankfulness, unworthiness and others which I could not describe, the only words that came out of my mouth were, “No no, you don’t have to. It’s ok” and things like that.  As she walked off I told her that I would return them to her on Monday when I see her in class. She shouted back, “Take them, just take them”.

I was shocked and moved by her generosity. Where does that come from? I have been struck and challenged in my heart by her actions and the call for us to live generously. Matthew 5:40  And if anyone would sue you and take your tunic, let him have your cloak as well.

One thought on “God provides for physical & spiritual needs


    세계적인 문호인 러시아의 극작가 톨스토이의 작품중에 “사람은 무엇으로 사는가?” 라는 단편소설이있다.읽어보았을게다. 너의글을 보니 이책의 내용이 생각나는구나.
    오늘 BUS 에서 만난 Kathy도 하나님이 보내주신 사랑의 Messanger로 하나님께서 너희에게향하신 그 사랑을 깨닫게 하시려 그렇게 보내셨나보다. 너무 감사하고 고마운 일이구나……….
    이세상은 모두자신앞에 놓인 걱정과문제를 해결하며 살아가는것 처럼보이지만 실제론 Kathy같은 사람들의 사랑의 힘이있어 험한세상이 밝고 아름답게 보이는게다. 아무쪼록 받은선물 잘 사용하고 따뜻하게 보내거라. 그것을 준 Kathy가 바라는것은 그것이 전부일것이다.
    그리고 받은 사랑을 되돌려 주려하지말고 “Pay it forward”
    로 다른사람에게 그은혜를 갚아라. 아마 하나님도 그것을 원하고 계실게다. 그리고 모처럼 가진 이번 Seminar에서 하나님과 깊은교제가 있기를 기도한다.또 너희에게 하나님이 원하시는뜻과 구체적인 주님의 계획이 무엇인지 주님의 응답이 있으시길 기도하고있다.
    추운 날씨에 적응하기 어렵겠지만 젊은힘으로 기도로 잘이겨내거라.
    (추신)부모는 성인(adult)이된 자식이라도 어린이(child)같이
    대할수 밖에 없음을 이해하거라.
    It was a memorable event that you got grace from God in missouri state. Don’t forget many people
    including family are praying for you(ANNIE&SHIN)&your future. I love you(Annie&Shin)! God love you forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Bye.
    Have a wonderfull day!

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