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coverimage.jpgHello Everyone,

It has been a while since I have written. Annie has been taking a good account of things going on here. Currently It is vacation here and things are slow. It is very hot here and we can’t help but drink liters and liters of water. It is also VERY humid. Here is a link to the weather here.

Weather At This Moment: Partly Cloudy, 95 Degrees, Feels like 107, Humidity 53%.

I have added a new “Video” Section to the site on the menu to the right. We will be putting up the collection of our videos there.

– – –

Most of our time is spent getting use to this location and the language. We have been having Spanish lessons every day so far except Sunday for about 1-2 hours and venturing out into the nearby city to practice the Spanish we have learned and to learn how things are here.

We have been recovering from a sickness that seems to have mutated about two times. When I got better, Annie had gotten worse. When she got better, I would get worse. I think right now we are both getting better at the same time. We have been fatigued easily due to this and every task which seems easy feels heavy and tiresome. It may also have something to do with the heat as well.

It is strange, but even here, although the pace is a lot slower, there seems to still not be enough time to spend alone with God due to the duties of every day life. It has only been 5 days and It is already this way. Please pray for our physical spiritual well being.

Thank you for your prayers and please continue to pray for us.

Shin Y. Kim

4 thoughts on “New Videos Page Available

  1. Ceana

    Wow…its like summer over there! James prayed for you this sunday and we will be continuaing to pray for you guys…I guess its the same busyness in Paraguay as it is in the US which distracts us from spending time with God, haha. Hope your sicknesses get better, man…in all that heat! : )

  2. Phillip Lee

    Hey Shin and Annie,

    Sounds like your having a good time. I don’t know why but when i read through your journals it felt like you guys were in like some kind of retreat. Haha well maybe its me.

    Yea i just wanted to post some stuff so you guys can be sure that the youth group are reading your stuff. And i also wanted to tell you some stuff thats been happening since you guys left. Like the friday night services and sunday.

    Friday night- WE had a really good and fun day. Well, kind of serious at the beginning. We had this meeting with pastor paul and he asked us this question.. (How did you feel when i left this church and how did it effect the youth group?). WE all went around and answered honestly and we talked about the plans for the youth group. After the meeting, we ate FATBURGER, which was kinda of unexpected but the bad part was that Me, Moon, and Fabi had to pay since we got paid for doing our jobs. Man Pastor Paul Huslted Us… This friday we were about to have a dinner meeting at billy’s house but, his mom said no. I think pastor paul is going to just have us talk and eat doing friday night services since we dont have many people coming.

    Sunday Service- Sunday was a regular day for us. As you guys are trying to adjust in paraguay we are trying to adjust without you guys. The differences in Sunday are Ceana is the worship leader and Im doing the annoucements from now on. I also had to make the youth group fill in their information so, pastor paul can keep. And also we had 2 question in that paper which was…

    1) Would you come at sunday services if the time changed to 9:30 Am
    which was funny cause the only person that said no was James. and everyone else said maybe and yes
    2)Do you think our youth group needs joobo?
    The only seletion they had was yes and no but people would make their own seletion and write down maybe.

    Pastor Paul also met with the seniors and junior in our youth group. And i think he asked us if we wanted to help him by using our gifts. Well, thats what i think i heard. So i dont know whats going to happen. (Pastor Paul is already making his move without you here.) i think pastor paul has big plans for the youth group. One thing i havent seen for such long time was the worship team practicing. And right now, Ceana is doing her job really well. I hope it attracts other ppl who were in the worship team. As for the boys i Dont know whats going to happen but we will see.

    Well thats all what happened…
    And i just wanted you to know that after every annoucement we make we are praying for you.. I will make sure that we can pray for your health. An im also encouraging them to see your pics and journal. MAybe if i say you guys have videos they might come everyday. haha. WEll anyways i will write more later maybe everyone once a week just to tell you whats been happening.

    Well Bye. Phil

  3. ShinKim Post author

    Hello everybody!

    Glad to hear that there are good changes happening in the youth group. Thank you for letting us know what is going on there. And thank you for your prayers. As you can see there has been a lot going on and we were not sure if we were supposed to respond to you directly. But thank you for leaving us a message. We hope everyone will find something interesting at the same time find time to pray for us for our prayer requests. I’ve been praying for you guys and for WLAKC. Hope to hear more from you.

  4. Annie

    Hi to everyone! This is Annie! We miss you all! Philip, thanks for taking the time to write about the youth group. We were encouraged and humoured after reading the progress there. The Fatburger incident was really sad but funny. It must have been hard to part with your fresh salary. But at the same time, what a memorable story.

    So when will the service time change? The vote outcome was hilarious…James…

    Well, about the praise team… I’m proud of all of you involved. It may feels like your gifts are nonexistent or not all that good. But through the Wycliffe Missionary and using gifts here, I’m seeing how small gifts develop into valuable ones. I hope when we come back we will see how you have all developed your gifts and faith too.

    Keep writing!

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