New Experiences

-Shin & the Tech Guy
-Leaving a voicemail in Spanish
-Paraguayan Housewife
-First Unaccompanied Bus Ride
-Over Sensitivity

January 8, 2007

Monday we went early to the school office. I blogged while Shin installed some programs. Then David the tech person came in and they communicated with both english and spanish. Through that process they established some technical phrases.

About midmorning I went back home by myself to call our tutor, Maru, and make an appointment with her. Her cell phone went to voicemail so I left a message in Spanish. I had to leave two phone numbers, the school office and our home, and I kept wanting to speak a mix of korean, english, & spanish.

While I was at home, Gina came by to show me all the light switches in the house, and where the laundry room is. I asked her how she cleans the floors. She showed me how to use the mops here. They are wooden sticks with a squeegie at the bottom. You use it with a rag. I finished the kitchen floor and it gave me a better feeling about the cleanliness of the kitchen. I also handwashed the laundry for the first time too.

Afterwards, Shin and I took the bus to the grocery store for the first time. This is a rather embarrassing story, but, before we left home we pre-calculated the bus ticket cost so we would know how much change to get back. Except we thought the bus ticket was 1200 per person. So we gave him 5200 and expected 3000 back. But he gave us 1,000 back. So we said, “We need 3000 back.” He stopped the bus and said some stuff that we didn’t understand. But we understood he wanted us to get off and take the next bus. Luckily, a person beside him explained to us that one ticket was 2100. So we apologized and sat down.

On our way off the bus, two teenage girls sat in front of us. As we were waiting to exit one of them snickered, “Chinito” as she pushed her way past me. It was the first instance of discrimination I experienced here. I was offended and began feeling distrustful of the people. To make matters worse we came to the same market where, just a few days earlier, the cashier tried to shortchange us. But luckily, because our tutor was there it turned out fine.

We got back on the bus to go home. Usually they give you little ticket stubs. When we boarded, the driver said he didn’t have any tickets so we just sat down. We later learned from Maru that that is corruption because the drivers can pocket that.

At the time I was extremely disturbed and moody over the incidents. It was a horrible feeling to distrust people and hold this grudge in my heart. Also very counterproductive to accepting them as Christ accepted me with all my flaws. I saw clearly that I am preserving myself from getting hurt instead of being realistic and trusting God. I still lack love as well, and I’m too sensitive. I ask for your prayers to give away God’s love with His glory as my priority.

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