Korean, Clothing, Cockroaches

-Visiting the Korean district
-Clothing in Paraguay
-Getting Sick
-Cockroaches are God’s creatures

January 9, 2007

This morning we got ready and at 10AM Maru came to take us to the outdoor market called, “Mercado Cuatro” Market Four. We needed to get some briefs for Shin (to avoid night crawlies) and we bought him a short sleeve dress shirt and tie for Sundays. The outer areas in front of the entrances are under tent coverings, and then there is an entrance to the indoor shops. All of the indoors ones are Korean owned, according to Maru.

The Koreans we met didn’t give off any of that Korean “jung,” or any hint of positive or negative recognition one usually sees between Koreans. It was atypical. Maybe they encounter too many Koreans to care. But for us, we were happy to see other Koreans.

Well, the women’s apparel here is very much like California. Everyone wears sandals, capris, and tank tops or t-shirts. I observed the missionary family’s clothing mannerisms day to day. They will change several times a day starting with something nice but casual like khaki pants and a crisp button-up shirts. Then later, in the heat of the day they will change into cooler home clothes, like shorts and a tee, or a skirt. Then in the evening, if they go back out, or have guests, they will wear longer pants and dress shirts again. It’s very modest and respectable, even for the males.

After the mercado, we came home and resumed our tutoring lesson for an hour. I had my first stomach sickness on the way in (luckily, it was just as we reached home and not while we were out). We’ve been very healthy (I thank God) when it comes to adjusting to the food, but I got my first case of traveler’s runs today. I still feel queasy. People tend to share cups a lot here. Like Sunday morning for the kids, they reuse the plastic cups by washing it out and letting it dry. It’s cultural. We need to keep praying for health protection.

After tutoring, I made dinner, we ate and then for the rest of the evening we read from Joshua in the Bible. Then I broke a glass dish, and we pulled out the trash can to throw away the glass. Shin stuck his shoe in the basket to push it down when a cockroach came out. It was gross.

I’m trying to change my attitude about cockroaches. They have a function too, as much as the geckos in the house, or the ants outside. Yet I’m biased against cockroaches. They are completely detestable, I can’t help dislike them but killing them or watching them die is really cruel and sad. So I want to ask God to rid this house of pestilence. Atleast until we leave. Is that selfish?

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