Terrere Tea

January 14, 2007We had our second Sunday worship today. It was nice because I knew more people and had a better sense of the schedule. We actually woke up at 5am because I was itching my bug bites like crazy. Then we got ready, I made us some grilled ham and cheese sandwiches for breakfast. And then- *this is momentous- we drank a iced tea called Terrere for the first time!

Terrere is this ground-up, dried, herb that smells like hay. People will pour the crushed herbs into a specially shaped terrere cup made of bone, wood, metal. The sip the water out using a metal straw that has a tea filter a the end of it. Then when the water runs out, they refill just the water from a personal cooler filled with ice water. Some coolers are the sporty Igloo kind, while many have a traditional leather-covered one. They will personalize the leather with their name or a special event. The cups are specially shaped to connect to a cup holder on the side of the cooler or it will have a connective ring to hook the cup onto. Just about every male carries it around.

At the retreat they had an hour long break just so people could refill water and prepare the tea. We didn’t try it at retreat because we weren’t about to share straws or drink the water there. But we repeatedly saw people drinking ice cool terrere, which really made us want to try it. They say the herbs keep you thin. But not as many women drink it for some reason. It’s also caffeinated.

Well, it turned out to taste the way we expected… grassy. But refreshing like unsweetened green tea.

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