Laundry, Iced Tea & Visitors

– First Laundry With The Machine
– Meeting With Missionary Cho
– Ara & Michelle Visit our home
– Preparing For Early Morning Prayer Tomorrow at 5:30AM

January 15, 2007

Today we were supposed to go into the Asuncion the capitol of paraguay to apply for health insurance and pick up korean food, but plans changed so we stayed at home. I used the laundry machine for the first time. It was located in the dorms that was built for short term / vision mission teams. In the meanwhile, Shin went to the office.


When I went to pick up the laundry, the washer had stopped mid cycle with the water still inside. In order to take the clothes out, I had to open the door so I left a huge puddle of water on the floor. I took the clothes home and went back with Shin to mop it up. It turn out that hand washing is more convenient after all since it’s closer and the condition of the laundry machine.

Then I made lunch. We had Bibimbap with carrot, cabbage, cucumber, onion, garlic, tomato, gochujang and rice. It was so so good.

After lunch, we made ice tea with the passion fruit tea that *N gave us (Thank you N)!
Shortly after that we had Spanish tutoring. We mainly looked up definitions and learned how to use them.

After tutoring, we met with the pastor. He talked about the people of Paraguay and how the Lord brought him here. His motto is “humility of heart”. Even this church Marangatu, which started from ground up, he denies any personal accomplishment. He is ready to leave if God calls him to serve elsewhere. We were very blessed by his heart and thankful to learn from him.

In the evening Shin made dinner using the limes from the fruit trees here.


There are also mango trees but we haven’t eaten any yet.


Dinner was grilled chicken in lime juice, topped with lightly fried tomatoes and onions and rice on the side. We also drank cold passion fruit ice tea. Then at around 9 as we were in our PJ’s- I was washing my face- we heard a knock at the door. It was Ara and Michelle. So we invited them in and changed clothes so we could talk with them for a while. While we talked with them, we ate lifesavers candy (Thank you C & R) and Mieji chocolate (Thank you P, E & T) that was given to us before we left. It was fun to talk with them and show them some of the videos we made.

Tomorrow morning, we have early morning prayer at 5:30 AM.

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