IDT Is Back

Hello everyone. I must say that IDT is now back. With some mad coding going on at work and also creativity being rekindled, it seems that the purpose for IDT alive and kicking. There will be some major integration between the and IDT going on as their content will be like two circles overlapping each other very much like the mastercard logo, except the overlapping part will be greater as follows. This is my MasterPlan. . . It’s everything I want it to be.


Please MasterCard corporation, do not sue me, i’m nothing more than a poor creative designer/programmer needing his outlet.
Come check out the old, yet new Idle Digital Technologies.

2 thoughts on “IDT Is Back

  1. David

    Oh well isn’t this exciting! I’m excited to see what you come up with. I do hope there’s a layout overhaul coming though because it’s soooo web 1.0. 😛

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