Ignored Mercy

Drawing Experiment 18


God has been pressing into my heart a prayer for this country and for the world.  Soon, this which that has been a captive since the fall will see that this free world that we know today has only been a illusion as the agenda of the adversary is carried out silently but swiftly through the evil heart’s desires of human nature.  Human beings have been since the beginning, exchanging our glory for trash. God you loves us even though we made ourselves dead, rotten, trash and will redeem man kind at the end. Your heart is to save all, yet you will not force anyone to be redeemed.  You give man the dignity to choose on his own. I pray that you will bring your light and truth to America and to the world to redeem as many people as possible.  Jesus, open the scroll and come back to complete what you have redeemed through your death and resurrection.  This image is titled Ignored mercy as I reflect that it is only through God’s mercy that man has not already rotted and destroyed themselves. Although for now the adversary is still here as the ruler of this age, God’s power and authority still superseeds this.  Jesus already redeemed the earth.  He is only patiently waiting for us to turn our hearts to him, to save as many as possible.  As what man ment for evil was soverign-willed by God to be ment for good in the murder of the Son of God to save the world, I want to trust that the current affairs, the decay and death in man’s heart leads us into a new world order, which was predicted by God as what will happen before his return, will occur as God wills. God will let man go as far, yet he is still in control.  This is the ignored mercy.

From meditations on: Revelations 4-5

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