Give me A Burning Heart

Drawing Experiment 19


Worship is an expression of my love for God. I know that my love for God is very weak and cold.  It shows up in my life’s thoughts and actions so clearly. How much more clearly to God who knows all of my inner parts.  Because He knows my capacity to love Him, however small and cold it is, If i give all of this little that I have, I know to Him it is like a bright flame of fire.

I’m glad God knows me so well and walks me through my growth.  God will grow my faith.  What is even more merciful is that as I give all of my next to nothing, God will be the one who will melt my heart and bring it to live, increasing my capacity to love him more through helping me experience and understand his love more.  Luckily, God is more patient than I am and this slowness of growth in cpacity to love God and love others does not bother Him.

From meditations on: Psalm 139

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