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Drawing experiment 21

I’ve been doing some research on SVG Images.  SVG is an attempted standardized XML based standard internet-ready vector image format. I’ve done some research into this and made a simple application to draw SVG images.  It is supposed to be exact in size and angles and other such things as a good vector format should be.  It turns out that currently, browser support for this is not up to par for it to be that accurate.  On my IDT I have some SVG scripts.  Here are some things I have done to push the boundaries of the SVG format. The outcomes were very surprising.  The images shown here are not SVG.  Embedding and support are not standard yet so I have made PNG of them.  If you click the PNG you will be directed to the actual SVG files. Remember, all these images are rendered by XML. Click on the link to see the actual SVG file and check out the “source”, be amazed.

1) Extremely simple, yet complicated but delicate and beautiful (fractal-esque).


2) Tribute to special shaped barcode and oh yea, the world’s most famous mouse.

3) Traced a bitmap and then made it into a SVG.  I cut out a piece of a Dragonball desktop/background image jpg I found on google and traced it with Corel.I’m almost convinced, that the quality of SVG of this example is dependent on the quality of the trace.


4) More Complex Color Images that are already vectorized.


What’s great about SVG is that no matter how much you stretch it out, the quality remains the same. (Except for the Goku pictures since pixels were traced, we would get high quality large pixels and that doesn’t help with picture quality).

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  1. David

    Wait really? Scalable vectors are starting to come out onto browsers!? This is the most exciting news I’ve heard all week!

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