The work we will be doing here is more solid now

Hello everyone.

We had a meeting with the pastor and a few other people here and are now pretty much clear on the work we will be doing. Some we have already begun and others will start within a month or two. As we desired, it is more than just teaching english and computers.

Here is a list of things we will be doing:

  • Teaching English – both Annie and I will be doing this. Annie will be doing this on a more consistent basis.
  • Teaching Computer – I will be teaching this on and off.
  • School Clubs – An after school program. We will when we get the chance start up clubs at school with either english, computer, art or instruments.
  • School Chapel – We will be helping out with the Junior High / High School weekly worship chapel which is held as part of the school curriculum.
  • Sunday School – Teachers aide for elementary school kids on Sunday morning
  • Discipleship groups – We will be discipling about 2-3 students from the schools that we teach at.
  • Young adult fellowship – We will help establish a fellowship / bible study group for people our age at the Marangatu church
  • Ytororo Church – There is another children’s service at 3:00PM on Sunday in a rural area outside the city. This is a planted mission church that Marangatu is building up similar to La Lomita. They currently meet outdoor under the trees. We will go there for the first time this coming Sunday
  • La Lomita Church – Financial support for meals after service – more below

There is a lot of spiritual and physical work ahead. We are in need of your continued commitment to prayer and support. Please pray for each of these areas of service to be blessed and for many people to be saved.

La Lomita Church
We would like to let you know that we were given the opportunity to serve the La Lomita church by providing them milk and bread on Sundays. We have mentioned a few times, but the kids there are poor and some of them do not have parents. They rarely get things to eat. Some people used to support the La Lomita church with meals before, but stopped. There are about 150 to 200 kids. Missionary Cho told us that it costs about $30-40 per week to give food to all the kids after service. Anibal the pastor there makes the bread himself and gets the milk straight from the cow farms to keep costs low.

Through your financial support we are committed to providing bread and milk to the children at La Lomita this year. Please pray for the Pastor and his family of 6 kids, the church teachers who are from La Lomita, and the lives of the kids they serve. Thank you for your support.

One thought on “The work we will be doing here is more solid now

  1. Phillip Lee

    Hey Shin and Annie,

    Many things are going on in our church since you guys left. Fridays and Sundays were all soo different and fun. Many things happened that was unxpected.

    Friday- At friday, all the West LA people had to meet in K-town. Which was kind of new. Pastor paul had to drive all the way to west la and come back to k-town. When they came we ate PHO. At the restaurant people started to leave the place as soon as we got there. I think we were too loud or something. Girls sat at their own table and guys sat on their own table. The funny thing is that the girls ate more than the guys. A lot of guy wanted to share their food. Kinda of weird huh… AFter a while, Teddy came and PP announced that hes goin to be the new TEACHER. So PP told us that his name could be TT but, if you say it really really fast it sounds perverted (sry if it was a bad joke). Luckily, PP didnt have to take the West la kids back home cause Teddy did. Next week, we might feed the homeless. That day we had fun and billy and tony slept over my house.

    Sunday- Sunday was completely different for the guys. AFter, service many people left early because it was going to be Martin Luther Kings b-day and a lot of ppl had to go to vacations i guess. The guys played basketball and after that Aaron took me, fabi, PP, and moon to jack in the box. When we came back the grls were whinning that they dont do anything so, Sunny teacher is goin to take them In and Out next sunday but, i doubt it. After, we ate Slave Master was doing something crazy… He was breaking down the slide in the cafeteria. All the guys were excited to break the slide and we got to use the saw and the small slug hammer in the youth group room. I think the most person that had fun was Billy cause he kept jumping on the wood and it would instantly break. PP left me, fabi, billy, and tony at church so we could keep helping out. And gave us 100 dollars for us to eat KFC. WE tried to order a lot of food.
    60 hotwings
    30 chicken strips
    20 potatoes wedges.
    (I think it was billy’s idea)
    But aaron only bought the chicken strips and wedges because it would prolly take 10 minutes for him to get it.

    AFter, we ate slave master left and all the guys were alone at church locked outside. We were bored but we still had 70$. We kinda of decided to go bollying and spend time together. But as soon as i got in aaron’s car, Moon sat on BBQ sauce that was on the chair and unluckily it was pointed at me so, I had BBQ sauce all over me and aaron’s car. Man, What an explosion. So we decided to go anyways, so me and moon walked cause we were dirty. When we got there, we couldn’t bowl cause it was packed since it was goin to be Martin Luther Kings B-day.

    So we just rode back to church and we were thinking what to do in Aaron’s car. Somehow, we got this weird idea….. And this idea was a sleep over at church. Moon’s Dad had the keys since he goes to church every morning. So aaron took fabi and moon to moon’s house and got all the games and the key. And me tony and il kyu called our parents to convinced them that we were going to be okay. Tony and il kyu took 5min but i took like 20 mins. When they came back Aaron decided not to sleepover cause he was tired enough to drive us around.

    So we got ready by getting all the small pillows for the chair and all the blankets and laid them down on the ground at the youth group room. We got the TV and set up all the games. And also we had snack and my mom came by to give me new clothes and more food. WE played, talked, laughed, and slept.

    When we got up we went to morning service so we could at least look like good students. WE didnt look soo good though. Billy fell asleept during services and was snoring really really loud. And alot of people were half a sleep. After service, moon and il kyu left, the ktown kids didnt have a ride. And i didnt realized that this was going to happen. So we asked pastor kwon’s wife and she kindly took Me, fabi, Billy, and Tony home.

    Monday- At 7 o’clock Me, fabi, Billy, and Tony had to go eat with Teddy. He bought us Korean all you can eat meat. We talked about a lot of things about him teaching and stuff at church. Teddy realized a lot of things in the youth group that changed and he wasnt that happy about it too.I hope you guys could pray for him cause he going to be training from Dr Lee.

    Well thats all for this week. We will keep praying for you. Oh yeah, NExt sunday we are doing a trial of doing the 9:30 service. YEA…

    be safe

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