Prayer Requests and Home Life

We are resting and getting ready for our ministry. Everything we had mentioned before will all start to move starting as soon as this weekend. Please continue to pray for us.

  • Weather is currently: 82 degrees feels like 90 – It has been more tolerable thank you for your prayers.
  • We have had continual bug bite problems here. The missionary & family visited our house and looked at our bites. He said that most people get bitten a lot the first month, but when he saw ours, he said that it was whole lot more than usual, to the point drastic measures might need to be taken. The bug bites prevents us from sleeping well and functioning during the day. It gets in the way of our ministries. When our bodies are fatigued, and we lack focus, even if our spirit desires to be obedient and do God’s will, it is extremely easy to slip and make mistakes. Please pray so that we do not become a stumbling block to the people of God.
  • As we are going out more we are realizing that some of the media is blatantly sexual. We have run into quite a few public advertisements & tv shows that are pornographic. Please pray for our protection, we understand that temptation will be stronger here since the opposition knows our purpose and will do anything to hinder God’s work through our weakness. Please pray a prayer of protection for Annie and I so we do not bring disgrace to God.
  • We need to be able to speak spanish! Please pray that we will improve dramatically within the next 1.5 weeks as we are starting our work here. Without this tool, we will struggle mucho. We want to be as effective as possible for God’s plans.

Please pray for us, for our ministries, and our home life. We will continue to update as much as possible. During this time of preparation we have enough time to update almost every day, however as we start our work, it may be as little as 1 or 2 times a week. We hope that these images and stories will leave impressions in your mind to remind you to pray for us.

We have updated the videos page with a few interesting clips
as well as our food & home life photo album

One thought on “Prayer Requests and Home Life

  1. Nasim

    WOW!! I want heat!!! It’s sooo cold here that there is ICE on the lawn..the lawn is almost compleatly white! Yea again, ICE!! Snow cone anyone?? ^^ Today it was snowing in Santa Monica mountains and in Malibu! I miss ya guys…hope it gets cooler~~~

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