Haircut & Slippers

We had recently gone to koreatown here to get a haircut. The pastor took me there to get my first haircut. I really didn’t want to get a haircut, but it seems that God provides.

Before Haircut

During Haircut

After Haircut

Also we visited the korean shopping site to get food. We purchased $60 worth. We could not believe it because we bought half the groceries we would at the Paraguayan store which we pay $20 for. It turns out that curry here costs $6 each. We purchased 4 of them so it is $24. Also we purchased slippers. Each slipper costs $5, so that is $10. Combined total of the two items is $34.

None the less, the slippers, which were supposed to be of help to us turned out to be a painful.

The Slippers

The Slippers Inside

The Pain

3 thoughts on “Haircut & Slippers

  1. Shin Post author

    Hello, Yes Those slippers of pain. Wow they hurt. I thought that I could get use to it, but no way. They still hurt after a week.

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