Barcode Day – by google – Does it actually scan?

I’ve noticed that google deemed today as barcode day as it has changed it’s own logo into a barcode. I have a barcode machine at work and wanted to check it out to see if it would really say google if scaned.

The Page
So for the sake of archiving:
Here is google homepage with barcode on 10-07-09:


Attempt #1.
A) Save barcode09.gif
B) Print barcode09.gif
C) Scan


Notice the poor quality of the gif

Attempt #2.
A) Take barcode09.gif and trace it into vector
B) Print vectorized barcode
C) Scan


Notice the clarity of the vectorized image. It took some manipulation to get it this clean in 2 colors without any strange reshaping going on.


The barcode does say: Google!
Here is the photo of it being scanned.
This photo was difficult to take.


Here is the youtube embed of me scanning the barcode from the google homepage.

Here is a link to the AVI movie of me  Scanning The Google Barcode.

And of course here is the SVG file of the google barcode.

Here is a fun barcode I made earlier on my Drawing Experiment 16.


Oh and I almost forgot, if you want to generate you own barcode, go here.

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