Windows XP Welcome Screen Vectorized – SVG

This morning as I turned on my computer, I realized, how funny it would be if this same welcome screen sign was used in other places, not in the digital world, but in the physical world. Taking some time to find a way to get all the font and colors, which I will describe in detail below, I created an SVG (vector file)  file so anyone can now print a high quality image of the welcome screen to post it into the physical world.  Windows viva Windows XP.

Just a note: Printed colors are different from monitor colors.  Monitor colors differ from one to another. The color you see on your screen vs your printer vs my screen and my printer may not be the same.  I used the color picker after screen-shooting the logon screen to get the following colors, so I’m pretty sure they are accurate.

FONT: Arial, Bold, Italic
FONT SHADOW COLOR: #00309C or 0,  48, 156 (RGB)


Get the Windows Welcome Vector SVG File.

And of course, I had to make labels out of them to stick in place. I printed this onto a 3-1/2 x 5 labels. Here is what it looks like. I will update with some more photos when I get the chance. If you want these labels, let me know.


Please Microsoft Inc., do not sue me, i’m nothing more than a poor creative designer/programmer needing his outlet.

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