Law Of Overlapping Layers: Smile + Smile = Dead

Drawing Experiment 28

Random T-Shirt Design Idea. Recently went to some t-shirt shops and saw that the trend was mixing death with cute, or some other positive emotion related to human desires. According to art history, this type of art is very telling of the times we live in. I personally dislike this genre of art, yet I could not stay away from making a digital art semi-satire of this trend.

Title: Law of Overlapping Layers: Smile + Smile = Dead or in short S+S=D


I added color to it to give it a little bit more visual thrust.  It takes away from the original meaning, but it looks better.

Here is my “reverse” version for all who are in to that out there.

Here is the vectorized version of S+S=D all of the above.
If you happen to make a T-Shirt of this before I get to it,
please take a picture and send it to me. Thanks!

And Of course, I can’t help but make stickers out of these guys…
Still having a dilemma of whether to allow the equation to be broken to pieces (make circle labels of faces) or not.

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