Children’s Evangelism, Sunday School, Foot Bites


Yesterday was a long church day. Children’s service started at 8:30am. The youth did a special children’s program including a puppet show, a skit, some rapping clowns, body worship, and a presentation of the Gospel with the gold, black, red, white, and green cards.



The little kids here probably outnumber the adults. Many come without their parents. They walk here from the neighboring areas with their brothers and sisters. Also, the two other missionary churches, La Lomita, and Ytororo are children’s ministry. They are really the future of the country.


Next was adult service. Shin and I did an offering song, “Higher Ground” on keyboard and violin. We were going to do a different song, but Saturday morning I woke up with that song in my heart! After service there was a first time teachers meeting for new Sunday School teachers. The turnout was great! Three people offered instructive seminars about how to get a kid’s attention, how to discipline, and how to teach. Then we had chicken and pasta for lunch.



The three lecturers were very qualified by experience. Pastor Christian, Maru, who was recently promoted from teacher to Dean of discipline at Cerritos school, and Patricia, who has the only Christian radio program for children in Paraguay. She is extremely comedic and energetic.

Here’s our excellent tutor, and friend, Maru in the middle

I was miserable at church all day and it happened to be a long day. Both my feet were itchy from 15 bug bites and the anti-itch cream wasn’t working anymore. I over-applied it and became immune to the numbing affects!

When we finally came home I had a breakdown. I just cried with self-pity.

A while later Shin came in and helped me take a foot bath in the laundry tub. First with cold water and soap to help the inflammation go down. Then hot water with the mint foot wash. It had aloe and herbs in it so it was really soothing! *C, you have no idea how timely and comforting that was. Thank you so much.

After that, I’ve been exercising my faith and asking God to heal the bites. I feel ashamed to report these insignificant trials but they are realistic. However, I hope to endure greater things than this. Thank you for all your prayers.

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  1. Ceana

    I cant believe you became immune to the anti itch cream! Thats the wierdest thing ever, but dont be put down through small but not insignificant trials like this. 🙂 I think its all a part of growing into the environment and people you will minister to. You probably already know that, but doesnt hurt to encourage right? Minister to the bugs, haha~! PS:(Q- How do the other people deal with bug bites in Paraguay?)

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