Law Of Overlapping Layers 2: Look + Look = Plus

Drawing Experiment 29

Based on my previous idea of the T-Shirt Idea, my wife Annie had a great idea to create one with a different message.  Here is the second in the series of the Law of Overlapping Layers. Title: Law of Overlapping Layers: Look + Look = Plus or in short L+L=P


Here is the vectorized version of L+L=P all of the above.

Here is an additional version the above which I thought Annie was talking about when she tried to describe it to me which is titled: Look2 + Look2 = Stars, L2+L2=S

Here is the vectorized version of L2+L2=S all of the above.
If you happen to make a T-Shirt of this before I get to it,
please take a picture and send it to me. Thanks!

And Of course, I will be making stickers out of these.

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