Oval Playing Cards

Drawing Experiment 31

OvalCardSingleFrontBackOval Playing Cards. At first it was a great idea and then discovered that the cards and their corners are so crucial.  Here is the design anyways.  I didn’t quite make any design for the special “one eye jack”, “suicide king” . I though I would put little icons inside the shapes to show it, but then I may need to redesign the whole center area of the face cards.  I stop here since after long hours of trying to make the cards work, they are hard to play with.

As you can see by the list of queens I made below that I know nothing about cards.  After observing and doing research I discovered that some of the cards in the array below do not exist, for example, Red Spade and Red Clover as well as Black Diamond and Black Heart, although I would imagine it would sound cool if I were to say that I have a Black Heart Flush.


Here is a High Straight.


Well this is a nice failed idea.  Back to the drawing board for me.
This Idea will have to wait on the shelf while I do research on how cards are used.

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