Dr. Google Wave Says. . .

Google_Wave_logoIf you’re most people, you probably have no idea what I’m talking about.  If you know someone who is kind of a tech person, maybe you’ve heard about it, or have been invited and haven’t done anything after accepting an invite and creating an account.  Google wave… the future wave of online communications kind of.  It’s currently in the beta testing phase.

I tried to test it out by myself for a little bit and got absolutely nowhere.  Once we had about 3 people going at the same time things started to get interesting.  Here is a screenshot of my first encounter with Dr. Wave. I apologize for all you people who actually wanted to read our conversations. For the sake of privacy on their part, I have blurred the conversations.

I thought it would be more exciting like the Google Chrome crash so I can make stickers out of them, but it wasn’t.  But I got a kick out of the thing being called Dr. Wave.


When I saw the word Shiny I thought it knew my name, but it was not.
So I submitted my so very helpful comment to the google Dev Team via “Dr. Wave”.
These guys are so funny.


Am I the only one that thinks this is really funny?

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