Art made of Statistics

Drawing Experiment 32

I wasn’t going to make this a drawing experiment, except that it was so visually interesting. I was working on a stat program for a website and were looking at unique ip and time spent on site.  My first stat was colorless and just lists and list of ip, page visited, timestamp.  I fixed it up to now be color coded according to ip and it is so much better and so visually attractive.  I can sit and look at people walking through site such vibrant colors.  I thought to myself, what would it look like to look at a whole month back of all the stats.  Here is what it looks like.


The above image is just a sampling. Here is the full PDF of the stats.
For those people who are interested in coding, here is the algorithm I used to color code the IP address.  It isn’t all that complicated, but as you can see, it does bring pretty good variety.

TheCellColor =RGB, where

brtns= 65  // a raised brightness of the color.

R = IP-part1+brtns
G = IP-part2+brtns
B = IP-part3+brtns

So simple, but so pretty. I see some very very good color combination I may use in future art projects that were randomly generated by people visiting the site.  I may also take this algorithm and create a site that is designed by the walk-through stats of people, like..  What color is your IP and start taking a log of all the people that have come by and displayed in a very pretty configuration.

Put IP Color widget on your site.
It is currently under BETA.  More customizations are yet to come.


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