A Paraguay Wedding

Saturday we went to a wedding of one of the “Jovenes” youth. It started at 7pm. I’m guessing the bride is around 18 or 19. They invited us to play a violin and piano duet. We played “Pachelbel’s Canon in D” for the groom’s entrance song. People here have never heard of Pachelbel or the melody so it was neat knowing that some people were hearing it for the first time. Then we played “My Peace” for the ring exchange. The best man also gave them a traditional Spanish song that was really sincere and lovely.

Friends of the bride before the ceremony

Preparing to play

Pastor Freddy was the Master of Ceremony

Bride with her Father

Pastor Freddy’s younger brothers played the Wedding March & the Best Man’s accompaniment

Pastor Cho officiating

From left to right: Nancy (P. Freddy’s wife), Elena, Claudio, and Pastor Freddy

Wishing the bride happiness at the door

The outdoor reception

The rest of the ceremony was very similar to the US. Pastor Cho officiated the sermon and the couple was chuckling throughout. Afterwards, the reception was held in the dining patio behind the church. Much to Arah’s dismay, we didn’t stay to eat chicken, rice, and sopa paraguaya because we would have gotten home around 1am or 2am. Instead, the pastor and family took us to a really good ice cream shop in Asuncion called, “Sugar”. On the way Shin captured some lightning flashes on the road.

Sugar was a gourmet dessert place. They have ice cream and other pastries. The interior design made it really special. The store windows are shaped into semi-circular glass booths with seats lining the window. Behind one of the windows, outside, there was a man-made waterfall surrounded by green foliage.

The ice cream was indescribably good. The dairy products here are good to begin with but this ice cream texture was light and smooth and not too thick, or chewy, like Ben and Jerry’s or Baskin Robbins. They served it in thick containers made of styrofoam, like mini ice boxes.

This was our first Paraguayan wedding.


8 thoughts on “A Paraguay Wedding

  1. Nasim

    “Pachelbel’s Canon in D”!! My favorite! YAY! I still have to work on that song…I haven’t played the violin since forever. I miss ya guys! We’ll keep praying for your “little” friends. (bugs!)

  2. Shin

    I had to look up what a “cultural fork” is. I couldn’t find a definition, but rather sentences with this word in it. From what I gathered, it is a time in a life where one must decide to abandon one and embrace another culture. Perhaps can come and experience it through your own eyes one day.

  3. Pastor Andy

    Hi Annie & Shin,
    I was sort of waiting for you to write me separately…
    I guess you are having too much fun…hehehe…
    with worms and all…
    We miss you but you looked healthy enough!
    So, I won’t worry too much – actually never did!
    Submit to God 100% and let Him use you in its fullest possible – you will see wonders!
    God’s peace be with you
    Pastor Andy

  4. Shin

    Dear Pastor Andy,

    Thank you for writing to us first. It has really been bus and it just got busier. Thank you for your prayers and encouragements.

  5. pp

    annie, Both sunny and I are praying for you and the situation. After the call we bowed down for His mercy and Grace.Thru the L. T. S. God may bless you how much He is in control. Letting the Sovereign God reigns in the life is dangerous from our perspective. however if we allow him to be the One, he reveals His real authotity. Jehovah Rapha.
    will contact soon

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