Worship at Suh Buh church, the spirit of God and the spiritual torch

There was worship happening in a conference or church.  Many young people were there. Particularly, pastor Joshua of Suh Boo Church was there.  The worship leader was praising leading and everything seemed normal. All of a sudden, she stops and says. Wait, wait. What’s wrong.  I do not sense the spirit here. Pastor Joshua agrees and he comes up and says, we must pray. They start to pray.  I agree and start to pray where I am.  Then God tells me to take the torch, spiritual torch and hold it up and run around the are the people were gathered to create a wall of smoke around them to create a protection from outside and a container for them for the spirit to come and enter.  Being a little embarrassed, I raise my hand with the spiritual torch in my hand and look around. Everyone was praying so intensely with their eyes closed, I wasn’t bothered too much. I got out of my seat and started to timidly run around. I do not remember if I made a full circle or not, but I believe I did.

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