Dengue Report

img_0094-1.jpgDear Readers,

There has been a recent onset of Dengue Fever Warning in Paraguay.

Please pray for us and the people here so that this spread of this disease will stop.More information about the disease below.

Shin Y. Kim
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What Is Dengue Fever?

If you have not heard Dengue Fever is a non preventable disease that is transmitted through mosquitoes. The disease can not be transmitted from person to person, but travels through a mosquito who has taken blood from a person and bites another.

Dengue is known to cause so much pain in the body that it is know here as the “bone crushing” fever. Also within the last week there has been deaths caused by this fever. It is also said that if you catch it the second time, there is more chance that you will die.

Females are not advised to wear skirts because the mosquitoes can get trapped inside and will increase the chances of it biting. Short pants are not advised either. It seems that these mosquitoes are less likely to go above the waist level.

It is not to the point where people are panicking, however there is a general lookout warning being given to the public.

This is the information that I hear from people around us.
Here are links to other sources:
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  1. Nasim

    OMG! I will definetly pray for you both! I dont want my friends to die from a mesely mosqueto!(sry for spelling) Hope you guys keep safe! Stay heathy!! We’ll pray!

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