Monthly Report – January 2007

Dear Supporters,

Here is our brief Monthly Overview of what we remember has been going on and what we expect to happen in this coming month. For details please read through our archives.

What we have done (January 2007):

  • We arrived on the 4th of January 2007.
  • We went to the Jovenes (youth) Camp
  • We went started attending Marangatu church.
  • We have been taking english lessons almost every other day since.
  • We were given a tour of the mission sites, churches, and shopping sites.
  • We have been helping out with Sunday morning breakfast for little kids.
  • We aired out the mattress.
  • We have taken our bus trip to important shopping locations by ourselves.
  • We have been attending the saturday morning equipo pastors (pastor team) meetings.
  • We have attended tuesday early morning prayers.
  • We just started a monday night mentorship/fellowship with the pastor’s family.
  • We have played instruments for offering time a few times.
  • We decorated banners and billboard for schools.
  • There have been some major (el nino) storms.
  • Had our first all teachers service for the Cerritos school.
  • Started planning for the school year.

What we will do (February 2007):

  • Marangatu Church
    • Pre-service music: violin + piano starting Feb. 3rd 2007
    • Sunday School Teachers Aide starting Feb. 3rd 2007
    • Will participate in the young adults group
    • Redesign Church Banner
    • Decorate the intercession room
  • Ytororo Church
    • Assisting Pastor Freddy with TBA
  • Cerritos School
    • School Stats February 5th 2007
    • Big Parent Teacher Night Feb. 7th 2007 evening.
    • Annie will teach English for: preschool & kindergarden
    • Shin will teach Computer for: 3rd, 4th ,5th grades & Lower level english for: 8th & 9th graders
    • Assisting praise/worship for the once a week church service at this school.
  • Marangatu School
    • School Stats February 5th 2007
    • Annie will teach English for: 3rd, 4th, 7th, 8th graders.
    • Shin will be teach Computer for ( All grades / TBA )
  • Other
    • Annie will be designing stationry for schools principals.
    • Annie will be teaching Ara ( the missionary’s youngest daughter) violin.

Thank you for your support and please continue to pray for us as we are now we are now entering into the more heavy work here.

Shin Y. Kim

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