Link and his baggage – Drawing A Day

Hard day at work and didn’t feel like drawing. I felt I was holding too many things, mentally and emotionally in terms of responsibilities. In the fake world of video games, a character can carry all sorts of gadgets and things. Some even carry around a bunch of missions at the same time and it’s ok even if they don’t finish it. While carrying all these things they are able to fly around and slash at enemies as if they are not holding anything. What does this teach our generation?

One of my favorite games of all times is Zelda. Link is the hero of this game. Most of his quests all boils down to the rescuing of the princess and the kingdom from the evil, magical, monstrosity, Ganon. For those who are not familiar, Zelda is the name of the princess and for clarity sake I repeat this info, that Link is the name of the elf in green, the hero of the game. Yes, this is strange, because it would be the equivalent of naming the “Super Mario Brothers” game as “Peach”. This is not really a bad thing. Disney has many times have opted to use the princess names to title their adventures except “Esmeralda” (The Hunchback of Notre-Dame) because most of it is about the princess. As for the video games, most of it is about the hero. Imagine the following Disney titles:

  • Prince Frederick and the Dwarfs: Snow White
  • The So Very Demanding Prince Charming: Cinderella
  • Prince Eric’s Fling with a foreign woman: Little Mermaid
  • Metamorphoses of Prince Adam and the girl: Beauty and the Beast
  • Awakened By Philip The Prince: Sleeping Beauty

You get my picture. Anyways, here is my picture. What if Link really did carry everything.

Drawn with caryola color pencil

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